Chapter 1 of ‘Break the Stone’

Should I search up there or not?  Raelyn Bell stared up at the forbidden barn loft. Her truck’s keys clanked against the ladder as she hovered one hand over the rung. The sweet scent of straw wafted through the autumn air.  I have to look. Maybe there’ll be something of Ma’s up there.  Bear placedContinue reading “Chapter 1 of ‘Break the Stone’”

Cali’s Escape

I jammed half of a fresh cookie into my mouth, letting the chocolate melt over my tongue. The other half crumbled and fell apart into pieces, still warm from the oven. My charm bracelet tattled on my intention with a slight jingle as I reached in for another cookie. Mom swatted my hand away, herContinue reading “Cali’s Escape”

Kody’s Secret

Kody Walsh’s large mahogany hands gripped the basketball, the tiny bumps creating friction on his sweaty fingertips. A titan of an athlete, in center position, stood in his way. Kody couldn’t take his shot. Five! Four! Three! Together, the crowd chanted, “Two!” Their voices matched the rhythm of the basketball’s thump, thump, thump against theContinue reading “Kody’s Secret”