Golden Chains Series

Golden Chains

A suspenseful & mysterious trilogy that’s perfect for fans of fast-paced plot.

Golden Chains Trilogy

Break the Stone – Available now!
Hunt the Storm – Available now!
Stop the Clock – Available now!

Linked Trilogy

Scorched- will be published March 2023

Severed- will be published April 2023

Shattered- will be published May 2023

Blurb for “Scorched”


What the Flames!? All males deserve to rot in eternal Abyss. But I never would’ve guessed that I possess Magik to make it actually happen. Now, I’m the most wanted felon, on the run, with the only surviving male- Jadox Griffin- an arrogant, boring military jerk- who I despise more than my anything. Unfortunately, pairing with Jadox is my sole option of fixing what I broke.


Holy Goddess! Kyra Kozelski is powerful, stubborn, and a pain in my ass. I need to convince her to hand over her family heirloom to protect my tribe’s village from Ordulls before it’s too late. But all she wants to do is get under my skin. So, why do I keep imagining getting myself under her?

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