Review #212

Title- The Paris Apartment Author- Lucy Foley Series- standalone Rating– 4.9/5 Genre- contemporary mystery/ suspense POV- six different POV Trope- “who dunnit” Cover– love it! Comps– The Silent Patient Plot/Blurb- Jess needs a fresh start. She’s broke and alone, and she’s just left her job under less than ideal circumstances. Her half brother, Ben, didn’tContinue reading “Review #212”

Review #206

Title- The Last Thing He Told Me Author- Laura Dave Series- standalone Rating– 4.4/5 Genre- contemporary suspense POV- first person, present tense Trope- step-mother/daughter bonding, family drama, family secrets Cover– It felt more contemporary than suspense due to the font Comps– The Maidens Plot/Blurb- Before Owen Michaels disappears, he smuggles a note to his belovedContinue reading “Review #206”

Review #109

Title- The Wife Upstairs Author- Rachel Hawkins Rating– 3.8/5 Genre- suspense/mild thriller POV- changes throughout. See below Similar Books/Comps- Cover– Loved the cover. Knew the genre easily and it is pretty enough to display My emotions-  waiting for something “bigger” Comments- Possible spoilers in this section: The Wife Upstairs started out simplistic. Just a bitContinue reading “Review #109”

Review #103

Title- Not a Happy Family Author- Shari Lapena Rating– 3/5 Genre- family drama, suspense, thriller, murder mystery Similar Books/Comps– The Maidens My emotions-  intrigued Comments- This was a fast/easy ready full of mystery, twists & turns. I was guessing all through who dunit & was never sure until the end.Pg 103 changed the path ofContinue reading “Review #103”

Review #93

Title- Verity Author- Colleen Hoover Rating– 4.5/5 Genre- thriller, suspense POV- first person, present tense. It switches back and forth between Lowen/Laura and another character I won’t say here. Trigger- child death. I don’t like to think about the situation with Chastin and Harper Similar Books/Comps– The Silent Patient My emotions-  freaked out (in aContinue reading “Review #93”

Review #77

Title- The Davinci Code Rating– 4/5 Genre- Suspense, mystery Similar Books/Comps– The Library of the Unwritten My emotions-  Edge of my seat Characters– Robert Langdon- Harvard symbologist Sophie Neveu- French cryptologist Comments- I liked the action and danger more than the history bits. I wanted more romance than there was. Plot/Blurb- Robert is awakened byContinue reading “Review #77”

Review #59

Title– Hush Rating– 3/5 Genre- Romantic Suspense POV- Third person, past tense Similar Books/Comps– Throne of Power My emotions-  I enjoyed the suspense and was intrigued to figure out how Riley would solve her problem. Characters– Finn is a fine hottie agent and a great book boyfriend. Ladies, beware. Even though the main character wasContinue reading “Review #59”

Review #58

Title- Layla Author- Colleen Hoover Rating– 4.5/5 Genre- paranormal, suspense, romance POV- This is one of the only stories recently that I’ve read all in a male’s POV from a female author Trope- ghost stories My emotions- creeped out (in a good way), Characters– Leeds- country singer Layla- spontaneous Willow- the spirit Comments- Page 79-Continue reading “Review #58”

Review #41

Title- Breaking His Code Rating– 3/5 Genre- Romantic Suspense POV- First person, past tense Trope- diverse characters, military Similar Books/Comps– Second Sight, By Lethal Force My emotions-  I expected more of what happened chapter 14 to be throughout, which had me a little disappointed. Plot/Blurb- A former Navy SEAL, West Sampson can’t escape the ghostsContinue reading “Review #41”

Review #33

Title- And Then There Were None Rating– 4/5 Genre- Murder mystery POV- Third person, past tense Trope- Crime, “who dunnit?”, classic Similar Books/Comps– The Maidens My emotions-  at first confused, but it all came together Characters– The characters were easy to follow despite having so many of them, which surprised me. Plot/Blurb- Ten people, eachContinue reading “Review #33”