Review #110

Title- The Soulmate Equation Author- Christina Lauren Rating– 4/5Genre- contemporary romance POV- third person past tense Trope- forced together, fake relationship, kind of enemies to lovers, workplace environment Similar Books/Comps- If I Never Met You, The Love Hypothesis Cover– very pretty but with the trends these days, I assumed it was women’s fiction My emotions-Continue reading “Review #110”

Review #99

Title- Boy Toy Author-Nicola Marsh Rating– 3/5 Genre- contemporary romance POV- third person, past tense Trope- arranged marriage, off-limits, younger man, career vs. love My emotions-  calm Comments- I love reading about a variety of cultures. From the very first chapter I was surrounded by Kushi’s fragrant aromas from the kitchen, Samira’s hesitancies about anotherContinue reading “Review #99”

Review #98

Title- Gilded Serpent Rating– 3.5/5 Genre- epic fantasy POV- 4 POV, third person, past tense Characters– See the first two reviews, Dark Shores and Dark Skies. The beginning is overwhelming since we’re going from two POV per book to 4 alternating POV. Also on one page here are all there proper nouns:ArinoquiansTerianaUrconEreniTitusMarcusGalinhaThe SixCelThe Seventh Plot/Blurb-Continue reading “Review #98”

Review #96

Title- No Offense Author- Meg Cabot Rating– 4.5/5 Genre- romcom POV- two alternating POV, third person, past tense Trope- a mild version of enemies to lovers Similar Books/Comps– My emotions-  entertained, smirking from the cleverness Comments- This is actually the second book in the Little Bridge Island series, but I didn’t know that until afterContinue reading “Review #96”

Review #94

Title- The Ten Rules for Faking It Rating– 3/5 Genre- sweet romcom POV- two alternating POV, hero/heroine- third person past tense Trope- friends to lovers, workplace Comments- This romcom was fine but didn’t stand out and will be forgettable in a few weeks. I usually don’t enjoy reading about characters with anxiety because it triggersContinue reading “Review #94”

Review #92

Title- Table Five Rating– 4.5/5 Genre- steamy romance, mild erotica POV- Third person, past Similar/Comps– Temptation, Crave, Heated Vibe-  passionate, firey, aroused, yikes… not for the faint of heart, spicy Characters– Mae- I love the feminist portrayal regarding sex in our current culture Jamie- HOTTIE! Plot/Blurb- Mae Norris has a plan. Actually, what she hasContinue reading “Review #92”

Review #91

Title- This Time Next Year Rating– 5/5 Genre- Contemporary romance POV- Third person, past tense Trope- cute baker/chef Similar Books/Comps– One Day in December, the two Lives of Lydia Bird. My emotions-  Calm, content, satisfied Characters– It’s hard to write a novel where the antagonist is the self, so Sophie Cousens did a great jobContinue reading “Review #91”

Review #88

Title- The Mothers Rating– 3/5 Genre- Women’s Fiction, Contemporary POV- Third person, past tense Trope- motherhood, small town communities, obligations, expectations, secrets Similar Books/Comps– Clap when You Land My emotions-  I related to certain motherhood themes but not all. Characters– Nadia Turner- a rebellious, grief-stricken, seventeen-year-old beauty. Luke Sheppard is the pastor’s son, age twenty-one,Continue reading “Review #88”

Review #70

Title- The Bourbon Thief Rating– 5/5 Genre- women’s fiction, literary fiction POV- Third person, past tense. This switches between different time periods Trope- family legacy, twists & turns, unexpected revelations, sacrifice, coming of age, revenge, age gap, the South Similar/Comps– The Devil’s Highway, Bull Mountain My emotions- My mind was BLOWN! I was so scaredContinue reading “Review #70”