Review #368

I gave this YA fantasy a perfect 5/5 stars. Elisabeth was amazing. Nathanial was awesome and Silas was perfection. It was all in one point of view in third person past tense. Though it felt like first person which is rare and hard to do. The romance was clean. The pacing was great. The worldContinue reading “Review #368”

DNF- A Tale of Love and Revenge

“Beast- A Tale of Love and Revenge” by Jensen was a solid DNF for me. Basically Lucie is pissed that the prince raped her. He’s turned into a beast. And then Lucie falls in love with him (as a beast)/forgives? Nope. I don’t need this story y’all. Sorry if it’s a harsh critique. It startsContinue reading “DNF- A Tale of Love and Revenge”

Review #360

I gave this witchy fantasy a 4.1/5 stars! It has not one but TWO detailed maps before it starts gets me all excited. In the prologue, Teneriffe is buying magic to disguise himself as his father so he can walk into a bank and take out as much money as needed to solve his gamblingContinue reading “Review #360”

Review #355

This young adult fantasy was a 4.3/5 stars. It took me a while to figure out the rating because the pacing was really slow for me and it took me a whole week to read which is rare. However I loved the themes and uniqueness so much. What magical Talent would you want the wellContinue reading “Review #355”

Review #354

Beastly Secrets by Laura Burton and Jessie Cal is the type of book to read in one sitting. It’s quick, easy, sweet- a feel good, fast paced retelling. I’d give this a 3.97/5 stars lol. Usually I don’t go to the 2nd decibel but I couldn’t quite go to 4.0 on this one. Here’s myContinue reading “Review #354”

Review #353

I gave this a young adult fantasy a 4.5/5 stars. Here my thoughts while reading: I love the map of Endla, from Spring Ceremony to Harding’s Cottage to the hideout. The prologue about the wolf didn’t make much sense to me so I wasn’t sure what to expect when the story started. Right away weContinue reading “Review #353”

Review #350

The Prison Healer was a unique young adult fantasy read but I probably won’t finish the trilogy. I’d rate it a 3.6/5 stars. Have you read it? Do you agree or disagree?  Here’s my thoughts live while reading:  Kiva is a young (17?) year old healer in a prison and is looked down upon byContinue reading “Review #350”

Review #349

I rated this steampunk historical fantasy a 3.5/5 stars. I’m willing to try more of this genre but needed one at a faster pace. Here’s my live comments while reading: Lucy is our main character and she’s on the way to visit her cousin who is newly married into the infamous Blackwell family. Their manorContinue reading “Review #349”

DNF- Booked on a Feeling

This was a DNF but I’ll try again in a few years and see if clicks better. Has anyone read this contemporary romance? What did you think? Here’s a couple notes I took live while reading: Lizzy has a panic attack during her opening statement at her first trial. But best friend, Jack, sweeps in toContinue reading “DNF- Booked on a Feeling”

Review #346

I gave this one a 4.1/5 stars. The visual world building of this book and whole trilogy was absolutely superb. I had so many feelings of outrage in the third book which means even if there were parts I didn’t like, the fact that it created so much emotion out of me is a plus.Continue reading “Review #346”