DNF- Forestfall

Forestfall is a sequel that starts from Rowan’s point of view. I’ve read a whole separate trilogy between Lakesedge in this series and this one so I don’t remember if Rowan had a PoV in Lakesedge or not.  Violeta is stuck in the underworld with Lord Under. She’s not quite dead or alive. I’m confusedContinue reading “DNF- Forestfall”

Review #371

I rated this YA paranormal novel a 4.7/5 stars  I read this one in the span of 24 hours. So even though I gobbled it up, it has the potential to be not-memorable. I’m getting the sequel at the library asap.  First off, the chapter heading art is so pretty. Secondly, I’m already loving theContinue reading “Review #371”

DNF -Bend Her

This was a DNF for me but here’s my thoughts for the part I did finish: Well, I’m not sure how I feel yet about the first chapter. Princess Lisane has been kidnapped from her castle but I’m unsure why yet… for ransom? For revenge upon her father for his choices? But right away IContinue reading “DNF -Bend Her”

Review #370

I gave this “contemporary horror?” book a 3.8/5 stars. There wasn’t much wrong with it, it’s just not my taste in genre. It was all written in one point of view and overall was a way I i read with a unique voice. Here’s my thoughts while reading: Carrot, or Kara, is recently divorced andContinue reading “Review #370”

DNF- The Bone Orchard

I was so excited about the premise and bought The Bone Orchard instead of renting it from the library because of the cover image… but the characters fell flat for me. This was a DNF. I’m unsure what to do with my copy since I usually finish all books I own. Should I have aContinue reading “DNF- The Bone Orchard”

Review #365

4.5/5 stars for this YA fantasy/paranormal murder mystery …. with a tad bit of (clean) romance as a side story all in one PoV of Cat. She’s a 17 year old who learns of her moon powers while tracking a killer in the city. Catrin opens Blood and Moonlight in a refreshingly atypical setting. I’mContinue reading “Review #365”

DNF- A Tale of Love and Revenge

“Beast- A Tale of Love and Revenge” by Jensen was a solid DNF for me. Basically Lucie is pissed that the prince raped her. He’s turned into a beast. And then Lucie falls in love with him (as a beast)/forgives? Nope. I don’t need this story y’all. Sorry if it’s a harsh critique. It startsContinue reading “DNF- A Tale of Love and Revenge”

Review #361

Crown of Crimson is a sequel of River of Shadows (which I rated a 4.0/5 stars in October). My consensus after the first one was: “I can’t really label this as a romance in any way though it’s marketed as “dark fantasy adult romance.” Yes there were 3ish sex scenes, but there was no relationshipContinue reading “Review #361”

Review #347

I gave this a generous 4.0/5 stars. I wanted more emotion and power to their feelings. Written in first person, past tense, I’m so glad I checked “Cruel Beauty” out from the library because it has the same vibe I’m hoping for in my beauty and the beast retelling. Here’s my live thoughts while reading:Continue reading “Review #347”

Review #344

4.95 stars out of 5!!! I almost gave this YA fantasy a perfect score. Here’s my thoughts while reading: So Scarlett is our heroine (third person past tense) and has been writing letters to the Caraval master to visit their town for years. Weeks before her wedding to a stranger, she received a magical ticketContinue reading “Review #344”