Review #12

Title- Ties That Tether Book of the Month Selection Rating– 5/5Genre- Contemporary Romance POV- First person, past tense Trope- Forbidden Love Similar Books/Comps– The Dating Playbook, Honey Girl My emotions-  happy, comforted Characters– all relatable and Rafael was hot HOT Plot/Blurb-At twelve years old, Azere promised her dying father she would marry a Nigerian manContinue reading “Review #12”

Review #10

Title- The Silent Patient Rating– 5/5Genre- Thriller/Suspense POV- First person, past tense. (but it seemed to switch a little) Trope- Therapist, mental health, suspense, secrets, murder Similar Books/Comps– Verity, The Last Thing He Told Me, The Couple Next Door. My emotions-  goosebumps, checking behind my shoulder Vibe– creepy, stalker vibes Characters– Alicia Berenson’s- Perfect lifeContinue reading “Review #10”

Review #9

Title- The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane Rating– 3/5Genre- Women’s fiction, Literary fiction POV- First person, present tense Similar Books/Comps– The Girl They Left Behind, China Dolls Best part- I loved the mother-daughter theme and the unique cultural perspectives. The way everything came together and connected was satisfying. The present tense was refreshing and unexpectedContinue reading “Review #9”

Review #8

Title- Pride, Prejudice, and Other Flavors Rating– 4/5Genre- Contemporary Romance POV- Third person, past Trope- Overachieving Indian American family, never defy your family, clashing duo to lovers, Immigrant family Similar/Comps– Simmer Down (see my other review), Recipe for Persuasion My emotions- Just enjoying the ride, HUNGRY from all the food talk Characters– Dr. Trisha Raje-Continue reading “Review #8”

Review #6

Title- The Lunar Chronicles Cinder (Based off Cinderella) Scarlett (Based off Little Red Riding Hood)- my favorite of the bunch Cress (Based off Rapunzel) Fairest (Levana’s Story) – highly recommend reading this novella Stars Above- a collection of stories set in the Lunar Chronicles universe that could be skipped since there’s lots of backstory WinterContinue reading “Review #6”