Break the Stone

Golden Chains Series, Book 1
Available Now

Raelyn Bell’s father forces them to flee their quaint town, severing the last connection to her past. In the new town, Raelyn defies Pa’s wishes by investigating the truth of her mother’s death. She believes that only the answers will help her fill the void plaguing her heart.

Meanwhile, U.S. Army Specialist Kody Walsh’s duty is to obey orders, no matter how “gray.” His questionable actions lead him straight to Raelyn. If Kody aids in Raelyn’s quest, it could mean game over for his career.

As the two cut through layers of lies, threats, ambushes, and stalkers, their bond grows stronger. But the dangers prove worse than they ever feared. Can they see this journey through without losing each other?

Hunt the Storm

Golden Chains Series, Book 2
Available August 19, 2021

Raelyn’s journey started in Break the Stone, the first novel in the Golden Chains series. After following the puzzle pieces, she discovered the truth. But learning that information came at a cost.

In Hunt the Storm, Raelyn travels across the world to a dangerous desert land. While dealing with the grief of what she has lost, she pushes people away, including boyfriend, Kody, who only wants to help and support her. Determined to solve her problems alone, but failing miserably, Raelyn learns her lesson from the most unexpected person. Private Phoenix Peterson reenters her life and tugs on her heart.

An evil overlord stands in her way of happiness. Will Raelyn learn to rely on others and work together? Will she and Kody last through the obstacles they face in the desert?

Stop the Clock

Golden Chains Series, Book 3
Available November 18, 2021

Stop the Clock is the trilogy finale of the Golden Chains series. Raelyn Bell’s family is falling apart by the seams. Hiding out in a tiny cabin, she fears the villain responsible for the entire mess may track her down and take away who she has remaining. Desperate to protect those she loves, she has no other choice but to stand up to the danger and prove this threat guilty once and for all.

Kody Walsh fights to stay with Raelyn but is dragged away to a foreign land by the same hostile they had been trying to avoid. Kody is commanded to complete unimaginable tasks for the sake of the enemy and the stakes couldn’t be higher.

They both struggle to reunite for the sake of their future with different plans to destroy the one who continually rips them apart. Can they see this journey through without losing their lives?