Golden Chains Trilogy

Break the Stone

Golden Chains Series, Book 1
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Raelyn Bell’s father forces them to flee their quaint town, severing the last connection to her past. In the new town, Raelyn defies Pa’s wishes by investigating the truth of her mother’s death. She believes that only the answers will help her fill the void plaguing her heart.

Meanwhile, U.S. Army Specialist Kody Walsh’s duty is to obey orders, no matter how “gray.” His questionable actions lead him straight to Raelyn. If Kody aids in Raelyn’s quest, it could mean game over for his career.

As the two cut through layers of lies, threats, ambushes, and stalkers, their bond grows stronger. But the dangers prove worse than they ever feared. Can they see this journey through without losing each other?

Hunt the Storm

Golden Chains Series, Book 2
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Learning that her mother is alive came at a great cost.

Desperate to bring Ma home, eighteen-year-old Raelyn embarks on a dangerous journey to a desert land. Wanting to prove her strength, Raelyn leaves Kody behind. But soon, sex traffickers stalk her. In a flurry of treacherous events, a love triangle with Private Phoenix Peterson sparks new emotions- which changes everything.

Army Specialist, Kody Walsh is determined to keep Raelyn safe, no matter the cost. After realizing she abandoned him, Kody hunts for her in hostile territory but ends up in the most unlikely of places, teaming up with the enemy. And, Kody holds a secret up his sleeve which could end the tyranny once and for all.

Stop the Clock

Golden Chains Series, Book 3
Available Now

Raelyn Bell has already experienced death and loss. Her family is falling apart at the seams. Despite her fears that Zohaib will hurt the few people she has left, Raelyn is still determined to prove him guilty. But this villain’s hunger for more power threatens to rip her and Kody apart.

To save Raelyn from being captured, Kody Walsh makes a deal with the devil and is dragged across the border to the middle of a rainforest by Zohaib’s hostile force. Commanded to complete unimaginable tasks for the sake of the enemy, Kody’s stakes couldn’t be higher.

Raelyn desperately seeks for any way to rescue Kody and has to decide if she can trust her mother for help after all they have been through. Can they see this journey through without losing their lives—and each other?

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