Review #111

Title- The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo Author- Taylor Jenkins Reid Rating– 4.5/5Genre- It was neither solely contemporary or historical fiction. Maybe it could be considered women’s fiction or literary fiction. POV- It was hard to fit this one into a specific category since there were two points of view, Monique, a writer in presentContinue reading “Review #111”

Review #108

Title- People We Meet on Vacation Author- Emily Henry Rating– 4.5/5 Genre- contemporary romance POV- first person, present tense from heroine’s POV only Trope- friends to lovers Similar Books/Comps- Unhoneymooners Cover– (this is one of the first books for a while that I wish had a different title. It was somewhat relevant at the end,Continue reading “Review #108”

Review #102

Title- Fumbled Author- Alexa Martin Rating– 4/5 Genre- contemporary romance POV- first person, present tense. So I definitely prefer romcoms in first person compared to third person writing.  Trope- second chance Similar Books/Comps– Ten Rules for Faking It My emotions-  calm Comments- This is #2 in a series, which I didn’t know, so it canContinue reading “Review #102”

Review #100

Title- The Perishing   Author– Natashia Deon Rating– 4/5 stars until the 80% mark, then 3 stars for the end, so my math says 3.75 stars Genre- a unique mix of fantasy with contemporary with historical fiction with futuristic with women’s fiction POV- a mix depending on which life she was leading and which yearContinue reading “Review #100”

Review #96

Title- No Offense Author- Meg Cabot Rating– 4.5/5 Genre- romcom POV- two alternating POV, third person, past tense Trope- a mild version of enemies to lovers Similar Books/Comps– My emotions-  entertained, smirking from the cleverness Comments- This is actually the second book in the Little Bridge Island series, but I didn’t know that until afterContinue reading “Review #96”

Review #95

Title- Dark Shores Author– Danielle L. Jensen Rating– 4.25/5 Genre- fantasy with a little romance POV- two alternating POV, third person past tense Trope- enemies to “thinking about it,” war, politics, military, gods/goddesses Similar Books/Comps– Fable My emotions-  loved, LOVED this book and the vibe. Characters– Teriana- second mate of the Quincense and heir toContinue reading “Review #95”

Review #92

Title- Table Five Rating– 4.5/5 Genre- steamy romance, mild erotica POV- Third person, past Similar/Comps– Temptation, Crave, Heated Vibe-  passionate, firey, aroused, yikes… not for the faint of heart, spicy Characters– Mae- I love the feminist portrayal regarding sex in our current culture Jamie- HOTTIE! Plot/Blurb- Mae Norris has a plan. Actually, what she hasContinue reading “Review #92”

Review #86

Title- Fix Her Up Rating– 4.5/5 Genre- romcom- steamy POV- third person Trope- best friend’s little sister/big brother’s best friend, athlete, small home town My emotions-  turned on Comments- I’m wondering if all steamy romcoms should have a different type of cover image than sweet romcom covers. In my experience all romcoms have these adorableContinue reading “Review #86”

Review #84

Title-  Themis Files Series (Sleeping Giants, Waking Gods, Only Human) Rating– 4/5 Genre- Scifi/dystopian, mystery POV- The interview style is interesting Similar Books/Comps– All Systems Red, Project Hail Mary My emotions-  Not my usual genre, but I was interested enough to finish the series Characters– Rose Franklin is now a highly trained physicist leading aContinue reading “Review #84”