Linked Trilogy

A completed fantasy romance series, full of fast-paced action and elemental Magik


I never would’ve guessed that I possessed Magik to make all men disappear. But that’s what happened. Now, I’m the most wanted felon, on the run, with the only surviving male- Jadox Griffin- an arrogant, boring military jerk- who I despise more than anything. Unfortunately, pairing with Jadox is my sole option of fixing what I broke.


Holy Goddess! Kyra Kozelski is powerful, stubborn, and a pain in my ass. I need to convince her to hand over her family heirloom to protect my tribe’s village from Ordulls before it’s too late. But all she wants to do is get under my skin. So, why do I keep imagining getting myself under her?

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I’m Linked with not one but two Mystier men: Jadox—my rock—and Isaac—the enemy who threatens my new Magik. I’d give up my left drumstick to sever this forced bond with Isaac. But the president’s army ambushed us, creating chaos and forcing us into different plans. Since Isaac led them to us, I’ll make him suffer more than he could possibly imagine.


This Magikal Link will be the end of me. Kyra’s power has me wrapped around her finger. Are these feelings real or is the Link responsible for a phantom love? Because she wants me gone, I don’t feel guilty for using her powers to save my son. Especially when all Kyra can focus on is reuniting with my nemesis, Jadox Griffin.

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Darkness is gnawing at my soul. The shadows swallow me a little more each day. But someone needs to destroy Elana Elidi. And I may be the only one who can. There’s a spell to stop her from destroying the remaining Ordulls. But it requires a sacrifice from my true love. The problem is—who does my heart belong to—Jadox or Isaac?

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