Top Ten October Books

I read 12-13 books in October and the list below was my ranking. As always, check my full reviews of each at Have you read any of these? Do you agree or disagree with my ratings? Number 10 The Surface Breaks by Louise O’Neill (4/5) Number 9 River of Shadows by Karina Halle (4/5)Continue reading “Top Ten October Books”

Top Ten Young Adult Reads

Do you like YA reads? If so, what subgenre: contemporary, fantasy, drama? I feel as if there’s two main groups of YA: the books that middle aged women can read and be happy with and those truly only meant for teens. When there is talk of lockers and classes and teachers in an academia settingContinue reading “Top Ten Young Adult Reads”

Top Ten ‘Dark’ Reads

Hey there. If you’ve seen some of my rants on instagram, you know that I feel ‘dark’ should be subcategorized into different mini genres. I understand that some authors give content warnings and trigger warnings before some of their ‘dark’ themes such as rape, but I still believe that different ‘dark’ concepts should be clearlyContinue reading “Top Ten ‘Dark’ Reads”

Top Ten Contemporary Novels

These aren’t necessarily contemporary romance, but some of them are. Here’s my top ten list of books set in current times. What is your favorite contemporary read? Read each individual review on my blog for more information. Number 10 The Lies I Tell by Julie Clark (3.8/5) Number 9 The Cartographers by Peng Shepherd (4.0/5)Continue reading “Top Ten Contemporary Novels”

Top Ten September Books

I don’t have too much of a variety this month because I binged a trilogy. Most of these are fantasy and next month you’ll be seeing a lot of witchy books. For individual reviews of each book listed check out my blog at Number 10 From These Dark Depths by Vanessa Rasanen (4.0/5) thisContinue reading “Top Ten September Books”

Top 10 Memorable Fantasy

My top 10 most memorable fantasy within the last year. Check out each’s individual reviews on my blog complete with the cover image. Number 10 Spellmaker by Charlie N. Holmberg (4.1/5) This is the sequel to Spellbreaker Number 9 King of Battle and Blood by Scarlett St. Clair (4.2/5)- this is the first in aContinue reading “Top 10 Memorable Fantasy”

Top Ten Ocean/Sea Books

I’m a bit obsessed with books involving the ocean, especially in the last 2 months. I actually just wrote my 7th book, a gender reversal Little Mermaid retelling, where the merman Axton sees a red haired beauty dancing on a ship during a storm. Join my newsletter at for updates on that story. ButContinue reading “Top Ten Ocean/Sea Books”