Review #133

Title- TimeKeeper Author- Tara Sim Series- The sequel is “Chainbreaker,” and the third is “Firestarter.” Rating– 4.5/5 Genre- Historical fiction mixed with whimsical fantasy POV- third person, past tense, mostly in Danny’s POV but there were a few random, short inserts from secondary characters Trope- MM romance, forbidden love Steam level- 1/5 Cover– The coverContinue reading “Review #133”

Review #124

First review of 2022!!!!! Title- The Hating Game Author- Sally Thorne Series- standalone- turned into a movie Rating– 5/5 Genre- contemporary romance POV- first person, present tense, one POV Trope- office romance, happily ever after Steam level- 2/5 spice Cover– cute, fits the genre Plot/Blurb- Nemesis (n.) 1) An opponent or rival whom a personContinue reading “Review #124”

Review #120

Title- Red, White and Royal Blue Author- Casey McQuiston Rating– 3/5 Genre- contemporary romcom Trope- royalty, MM, enemies to lovers Cover– cute, not my favorite, but shows the genre My emotions-  neutral Comments while reading- Page 64- I started to get a bit bored with the politics talk, media strategies & such Page 90-I couldContinue reading “Review #120”

Review #118

Title- Ugly Love Author- Colleen Hoover Rating– 4/5 Genre- contemporary, tragedy, romance, women’s fiction POV- switches current time for Tate to 6 years ago for Miles Trope- closed-off hero, past trauma, brother’s best friend Similar Books/Comps- The only thing I can compare it to is the only other book that made me cry this yearContinue reading “Review #118”

Review #115

Title- Much Ado About You Author- Samantha Young Rating– 4/5 Genre- Contemporary romance POV- first person, past tense Trope- friends to lovers, abroad Similar Books/Comps- People We Meet on Vacation, Friend(shipped) Steam level- 2/5(0- no sex, 5- erotica) Cover– Average- it clearly shows the genre, but I don’t like the colors. An image of ShadowContinue reading “Review #115”

Review #110

Title- The Soulmate Equation Author- Christina Lauren Rating– 4/5Genre- contemporary romance POV- third person past tense Trope- forced together, fake relationship, kind of enemies to lovers, workplace environment Similar Books/Comps- If I Never Met You, The Love Hypothesis Cover– very pretty but with the trends these days, I assumed it was women’s fiction My emotions-Continue reading “Review #110”

Review #105

Title- The Unhoneymooners Author- Christina Lauren Rating– 5/5 Genre- contemporary romance POV- first person Trope- If you like “fake relationships,” “forced to be together,” and “enemies to lovers” than this is a great book for you. Cover- I don’t like bright colors since they clash with my natural/neutral décor at home. I wouldn’t buy thisContinue reading “Review #105”

Review #63

Title- The Ex Hex Rating– 4.5/5 Genre- Rom com, fantasy (witches) POV- third person, past tense, alternating two characters Trope- second chance, small town, hottie with an accent My emotions-  comfortable, cozy, sweet, calm Characters– Sir Purrcival was my favorite by far. OMG, brilliant.Vivi- main character, didn’t know she was a witch until older. ProfessorContinue reading “Review #63”