Review #373

I give this adventurous YA contemporary “mystery/romance” book a 4.7/5 stars. It has a little bit of everything. All written in one point of view, until the epilogue, you go through Avery’s perception of this life changing event. Avery is a junior in high school who is accused by her principal for cheating because sheContinue reading “Review #373”

Review #371

I rated this YA paranormal novel a 4.7/5 stars  I read this one in the span of 24 hours. So even though I gobbled it up, it has the potential to be not-memorable. I’m getting the sequel at the library asap.  First off, the chapter heading art is so pretty. Secondly, I’m already loving theContinue reading “Review #371”

Review #368

I gave this YA fantasy a perfect 5/5 stars. Elisabeth was amazing. Nathanial was awesome and Silas was perfection. It was all in one point of view in third person past tense. Though it felt like first person which is rare and hard to do. The romance was clean. The pacing was great. The worldContinue reading “Review #368”

Review #367

I rate this YA fantasy a 4.9/5 stars. It’s all in Violet’s point of view. I believe It’s a standalone since I haven’t heard other news and it resolved itself as much as possible. The romance is stronger than in most YA fantasy books. Here’s my live thoughts while reading: Violet is a young, stubbornContinue reading “Review #367”

Review #366

“Magic will speak to anyone who takes the time to listen.” 4.8/5 stars for this YA National Treasure meets Dracula. It was all in Theo’s point of view (first person) as our heroine. There was some clean romance on the side but overall the action packed plot was about finding her father and escaping theContinue reading “Review #366”

Review #365

4.5/5 stars for this YA fantasy/paranormal murder mystery …. with a tad bit of (clean) romance as a side story all in one PoV of Cat. She’s a 17 year old who learns of her moon powers while tracking a killer in the city. Catrin opens Blood and Moonlight in a refreshingly atypical setting. I’mContinue reading “Review #365”

DNF- Mother of the Moon

I gave the first book in this trilogy, “Daughter of the Deep” a 4.8/5 stars on Dec 18, 2021. See review here Then I gave the sequel, “Sister of the Stars” a 4.3/5 stars on the next day so I must’ve read it fast. Read that review here with these questions needed toContinue reading “DNF- Mother of the Moon”

Review #364

3.9/5 stars for this YA paranormal fantasy standalone (no romance) which was written in first person narrative in one point of view. Within the first few pages there are a lot of vocabulary terms I’m unfamiliar with: censer, thurible, tracery, lichgate… is this world building or do I need to find a dictionary? Otherwise in theContinue reading “Review #364”

Review #363

This YA fantasy romance (clean) standalone was a 4.7/5 stars for me. Written in all of Isobel’s point of view, we get a glimpse into a unique world that stands out among others. Here’s my thoughts while reading: Isobel is a human painter whose Craft has been noticed by the immortal fair folk. She’s usedContinue reading “Review #363”

Review #360

I gave this witchy fantasy a 4.1/5 stars! It has not one but TWO detailed maps before it starts gets me all excited. In the prologue, Teneriffe is buying magic to disguise himself as his father so he can walk into a bank and take out as much money as needed to solve his gamblingContinue reading “Review #360”