Review #135

Title- The Ten Thousand Doors of January Author- Alix E. Harrow Series- standalone Rating– 3.6/5 Genre- whimsical fantasy that jumps through time eras POV- variety of POV that switches based off the POV. So January’s main story is first person present tense but Ade’s entwined story is third person past tense and if I recallContinue reading “Review #135”

Review #132

Title- The Girl Who Reads on the Metro Author- Christine Feret-Fleury This is the first novel I’d read translated from French.   Series- standalone Rating– 3.8/5 Genre- contemporary women’s fiction POV- third person Trope- whimsical Steam level- 0/5 spice Cover– cute but I expected more romance from the cover, which there wasn’t Plot/Blurb- Juliette leadsContinue reading “Review #132”

Review #109

Title- The Wife Upstairs Author- Rachel Hawkins Rating– 3.8/5 Genre- suspense/mild thriller POV- changes throughout. See below Similar Books/Comps- Cover– Loved the cover. Knew the genre easily and it is pretty enough to display My emotions-  waiting for something “bigger” Comments- Possible spoilers in this section: The Wife Upstairs started out simplistic. Just a bitContinue reading “Review #109”

Review #98

Title- Gilded Serpent Rating– 3.5/5 Genre- epic fantasy POV- 4 POV, third person, past tense Characters– See the first two reviews, Dark Shores and Dark Skies. The beginning is overwhelming since we’re going from two POV per book to 4 alternating POV. Also on one page here are all there proper nouns:ArinoquiansTerianaUrconEreniTitusMarcusGalinhaThe SixCelThe Seventh Plot/Blurb-Continue reading “Review #98”

Review #97

Title– Dark Skies Author- Danielle L Jensen Rating– 3.5.5 Genre- young adult fantasy POV- have alternating POV in third person past tense. However, I’m wondering how appropriate that is because of the alternating POV books I’ve read, they’ve all been romance and this is not a romance novel. Trope- gods/goddesses Similar Books/Comps– I felt LordContinue reading “Review #97”

Review #94

Title- The Ten Rules for Faking It Rating– 3/5 Genre- sweet romcom POV- two alternating POV, hero/heroine- third person past tense Trope- friends to lovers, workplace Comments- This romcom was fine but didn’t stand out and will be forgettable in a few weeks. I usually don’t enjoy reading about characters with anxiety because it triggersContinue reading “Review #94”

Review #90

Title- The Damned Rating– 3.75/5 Genre- YA Fantasy POV- There are a about 9 different POV in this sequel than the first which surprised me compared to “The Beautiful.” Also, it switches back and forth between first person present tense and third person past tense from chapter to chapter depending on the POV. Page 68-Continue reading “Review #90”

Review #89

Title- The Story Hour Rating– 3/5 Genre- Contemporary POV- First person, present tense Trope- therapist, psychology, second chances, mental health, relationships Similar Books/Comps– Passage West, This Close to Okay My emotions-  a bit bored Characters– Maggie- An experienced psychologist, Lakshmi- Cut off from her family in India, Plot/Blurb- Maggie carefully maintains emotional distance from herContinue reading “Review #89”

Review #88

Title- The Mothers Rating– 3/5 Genre- Women’s Fiction, Contemporary POV- Third person, past tense Trope- motherhood, small town communities, obligations, expectations, secrets Similar Books/Comps– Clap when You Land My emotions-  I related to certain motherhood themes but not all. Characters– Nadia Turner- a rebellious, grief-stricken, seventeen-year-old beauty. Luke Sheppard is the pastor’s son, age twenty-one,Continue reading “Review #88”