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I gave this one a 4.1/5 stars. The visual world building of this book and whole trilogy was absolutely superb. I had so many feelings of outrage in the third book which means even if there were parts I didn’t like, the fact that it created so much emotion out of me is a plus. If this book was somehow a standalone I probably would’ve rated it higher. But because I enjoyed Caraval so much, this one didn’t live up to my high expectations. 

Here’s my live thoughts while reading:

Ah so they alternate points of view. Donatella starts the book off and on page 42 it’ll switch to Scarlett’s PoV. 

Okay if Dante is truly Legend, isn’t there an idk factor that he used to love Tella’s grandma… I’m not liking how this is going. 

So the dream visiting is interesting. And Tella spying on Legend. And the meeting with the witch who gave him his powers. At page 40, I’m just kind of frustrated and confused. There’s so many unanswered questions from the second book and I can’t trust any character still to know what’s true or real. And I have no idea what Tella’s new goal is now in this book. Or Legend’s or Scarlett’s. There’s a bunch of mini-set up so far but I need a clear plot line or purpose or some answers. 

I’m not sure why I like as Scarlett’s PoV better. Maybe because the series started off with her so I feel more I’m supposed to be rooting for her more but I also think I like Julian more than Dante and always have and always will. 

How can people recall the last lie they’ve told? That seems impossible. 

Oooh a magical key! I love the objects Stephanie Garber chooses to bewitch. 

Well I hadn’t expected chapter 11. I have no idea where the story is going. 

Why won’t Dante touch Tella? Is it from the debt he paid in the last book? 

What does the exchange of blood mean with Jacks 

There’s a lot going on with the double love triangle and then the plot to kill the Star Fate guy so what am I supposed to care most about? 

Will we ever learn how Legend came to be and why he was picked over his brother to obtain the powers? 

Isn’t it still weird that these boys the sisters are dating have been alive for who-knows-how-long? 

I love the concept of the Midnight Maze. 

I like the idea that immortals can’t truly love. But Tella trusts this theory when told to her instead of researching to make sure it’s accurate. She seems to come by some info too easily and conveniently. 

Spoiler alert: So I learned this the hard way in my writing…but it doesn’t quite feel like a true love triangle when one is killed off. She didn’t make the choice. 

I hate when a heroine says “I don’t want you” and the guy responds with “um, yeah you do..” or do I love it? Idk. I can’t figure out myself. 

At the halfway mark I’m excited that Scarlett is given a central role again. 

The Vanishing Market is awesome and I love the idea of trading secrets for payment. 

I’m getting pretty tired of the seesaw back and forth between Tella and Dante. Just make a choice already and stick with it.  I hate that both boys are manipulating Tella. I hate both of them. 

Ahhh! There’s too many dames dates. Nothing is being accomplished in the plot because they keep getting interrupted by different side character Fates. 

Dude. No means no. Stop trying to control her and change her mind and go against what she clearly has said she doesn’t want. 

Honestly, as the book progresses I’m getting more and more sick of these men tricking the women with illusions and lies. They’re both so trapped and it sucks. 

Okay… chapter 45… I’m just angry at all the men. ALL the males are just wretched and terrible. Tella needs to move away from all of them. Nothing about what they’re doing is romantic. The wishy washy decisions are super annoying and they need to disappear 

Chapter 51 was perfectly done. 

Uh… the imitation plan is terrible lol. That’s never going to work. 

I wish we were given more reasons of WHY Jacks would be obsessed with Tella. It doesn’t make sense. 

She keeps making all these sacrifices for the guys who don’t deserve it. 

Well… I need to process the ending before I officially comment. There was no closure with Jacks… which bothered me. 

I like the Julian and Scarlett pairing so much more.

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