Review #345

I gave this YA fantasy sequel a 4.5/5 stars. It felt unfinished. Yes there’s a 3rd book, but the goal and arc for this sequel is sliding into the third and didn’t have a separate resolution in this second book of the series. 

Here’s my live thoughts while reading, starting from the beginning: 

 So it look as if this sequel is in someone else’s point of view instead of the heroine of the first book and I’m unsure how I feel about that. I’m not ecstatic about the idea so we shall see how this plays out. 

We’ve already been introduced to a mysterious deck of cards. 

A debt to be paid and a mother to be saved. Tella seems to be staying with the Caraval actors and traveling with them to their new destination for the next game. Her sister, Scarlett, the main character in the first book has agreed to join. I don’t know what’s in store for these sisters but I’m glad they’re together. 

The Maiden Death, luckless coins and the power of the Fates & the Prince of Hearts. Can’t get much better than that. 

So will this be a love story with Dante, the bad boy in the first book? 

Tella’s goal isn’t as urgent or meaningful to me as Scarlett’s was in the last book. 

I’m a little worried the same plot will be duplicated but through the eyes of a different character. Some of the magic of the mystery of Caraval is missing now. 

There’s so much beautiful interior formatting with the notes and special font. It brings out the uniqueness of the story. 

I love Stephanie’s metaphors and imagery. She has had some awesome ones, but on this page, here’s an example: “The shops around her were as dark as un unkindness of ravens…”

The concept of the Fates is awesome and more of a complex storyline than in Caraval. Tella is also growing on me. She’s fiercely risky and stubborn and Im starting to love her for it. 

At the halfway mark I’m wondering which Fate’s power I’d choose if given the option: The Murdered King, The Undead Queen, The Prince of Hearts, The Maiden Death, The Fallen Star, Mistress Luck, The Assassin or The Poisoner.  

I love when I can picture the story as a movie in my mind. This is definitely one of those. 

Her assumption about being his one true love thing can’t be true because it was too fast and easy. And it takes away the urgency of her goal. Speaking of easy, she comes by the clues too quickly, without much struggle. 

So the giant huge moment felt a little anticlimactic emotionally and I was expecting another BANG surprise or plot twist, but that didn’t happen. I’m surprised that Legend’s identify was revealed in this book, unless the third will prove that it was a trick. As of now, I don’t think that’s the case. After reading the epilogue, it seems like the series revolves around Tella, not Scarlett, and that Caraval was more of a set up for the rest. I’m ready for Finale now and eager to see who is the main character that everything revolves around.

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