Review #359

I’m giving this action packed prequel/novella a 4.2/5 stars. See below for my thoughts:

Zelma is on a voyage to request help from a neighboring tribe but they’re attacked by massive flying insects monsters. Her betrothed is on this mission but I’m guessing she will fall for someone else on this adventure. 

Rainer is the king who keeps his people locked up safe when the swarm of monsters flies through. When he investigates to see if the attack is over, a lone survivor remains, someone who should be dead from the sting- Zelma. 

Why hasn’t Zelma transformed into the mutant? How will Rainer supply crops for his people now that the two weeks of darkness has killed their only source of food. 

At the halfway mark, everything feels a bit rushed overall since so much is packed into a smaller length of page count. I also want things to feel a bit more connected and smooth. 

It seemed overambitious to pack so much into a short story/novella. There were moments when I wanted more explanation and for things to slow down so I could emotionally invest.

Basically I liked the world building concepts and action packed scenes SO much I wanted it to be a full length novel.

What I’m unsure about is how Zelma & Rainer are depicted in the Lore of Nomadia trilogy. If I started reading Treachery of Water, is it linear with this story and the same characters or not?

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