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This historical fiction stand-alone received a 4.2/5 stars. Tho mediums weren’t witches but the story still had that witchy vibe that I love. Again, basically all men are evil and yucky. I’m at the point now that if a male is truly positive in any book it’s refreshing.

There’s (clean) FF romance as a subplot but doesn’t have a priority of the story.

Here’s my live thoughts while reading: 

February 1873: “At an abandoned chateau on the wooded outskirts of Paris, a dark seance was about to take place.”Twenty-three year old apprentice, Lenna, isn’t even sure if spirits are real, but she still studies under her famous teacher who has solved many murders with her skills. They’re trying to connect with a deceased daughter of parents sitting in the same dark room with them, but something goes awry too quickly. 

The second chapter starts with a few days earlier in London. One point of view is first person and the other is third person. But the author seemed to pick the backwards option for who would be the main character based off PoV.

It’s absurd that women roaming about the building is such a problem and scandalous. But anyway, I like that there’s so much mystery. What is Mr. Morley hiding and what will Lenna learn about her sister?

At the halfway mark, there’s multiple suspects and I hope the culprit is a big surprise and twist. “The Society has maintained  spotless reputation for years… but it seems there are even more blemishes than I feared.” 

Hhhm I’m intrigued to why the reveal was given in chapter 19 so early. Is it to lead me thinking differently? What’s the point of telling the big secret now? Seems like odd pacing so now I’m expecting much more to come. Please don’t disappoint. 

Ugh the burgundy portfolio… surely, no one would be stupid enough to keep that evidence… 

Oooh chapter 28 brings the story together 😊 thankfully

I dont like how (near the end), when I switch to the next point of view time rewinds like 5 minutes instead of being consecutive and linear.

“May mercy be upon the man who finds himself the enemy of a vengeful medium.” 

I was a little underwhelmed at the climatic scene of “who dun it” and wanted more power of emotion. But overall this was a solid 4.2/5 stars.

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