Review #311

I’ll give this one a 3.2/5 stars but technically I didn’t finish. 200+ pages is still a good chunk to write a review. Unfortunately at the halfway mark I started skimming ahead. I didn’t find all 3 answers I was looking for, but the ones I did find felt anticlimactic and a little disappointing.

I highly recommend this to readers who don’t mind settling into a book and taking their time with it. For a forced marriage spy plot I had expected it to be more dramatic and full of energy and emotion. I didn’t receive that. Most of it fell flat with minimal intrigue.

The prologue set in 1928 sounded like a mad scientist experiment. What does “oubliez”mean? Forget. Who is to forget and why? In chapter 1 Rosalind heals herself from a dagger to the throat in a meeting gone awry. Apparently rumors call her Lady Fortune. Was she the experiment patient of the scientist?

I enjoyed Chloe Gong’s other books, but if the premise of this one is all Nationalists vs Imperialists vs Communists I’m going to be a bit bored by the politics. So far though Rosalind is a great character. She’s determined, vengeful, assertive, witty & focused. 

This kick ass assassin likes to mutter random things to herself, which is endearing. But I need to know if I’m on board with her cause and her killing spree. Most murderers think they’re doing good in some way. Even the worst of them find some loophole they try to convince themselves of their virtuous motives. So what does she think she’s doing that’s positive? Saving her country?  

I wish Orion and Oliver’s names started with different letters because that’s going to get confusing. I’m glad we have a second point of view since this book is a thick one. I’m also hoping that Orion and Rosalind have a potential love story. I need to look up if this is a standalone or not. 

The third person narrative makes the story feel a little dry and removed from the scene so far. 

Chapter 4’s narration was poetic but confusing. Who is the target? Who is the killer? Who are we in the head of? 

I’m getting a really good grasp on Rosalind’s character. She feels well developed but it’s slow going. 

I’m so glad in chapter 6 that they’re worlds finally intersect.

I’m a little confused on who in her life knows she’s Fortune and who doesn’t. Her boss and sister seem to but not Orion? 

Who is using the syringes and why are they targeting the certain victims? Why are eyes soulless? 

Lots of characters have more than 3 names and it’s confusing. 

Once they’re set up at their fake jobs and a new character is brought into the story, I need some sort of diagram to understand who is on what side. It’s confusing. Idk who is working together and who are enemies and who trusts who. 

With the added points of view of Celia and Phoebe and head hopping inside a chapter, it’s all becoming a bit mixed up. 

After chapter 13 the story is a bit dry and slow. I need things to pick up the pace or have some sort of increased romantic tension.

At page 163 I’m realizing I don’t know why I’m still reading. There are 3 main questions I want to know the answer to, but it’s moving at a snails pace:

Who is the priest and how will the identity impact Rosalind?

Will Rosalind and Orion fall in love? 

Who is administering the syringes and why?

I’m not sure if there’s enough breadcrumbs left for me to keep caring enough through page 500. There’s no leads. There’s no small momentum that’s moving me closer to any three of those answers. And I don’t want to read nothingness until page 400 to get a clue dropped.

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