Review #310

This is a dark adult Peter Pan retelling that is controversial in nature. Definitely read the content warnings beforehand if you’re worried about triggers. Winnie turns 18 in the first chapter and every woman in her lineage has disappeared on their 18th birthday for an undetermined amount of time. But what I’m confused about is she either doesn’t believe this or is contradicting herself because she doesn’t believe her mom’s insane paranoia.  

Chapter two is in Peter Pan’s point of view which I wasn’t expecting. He’s the villain and abducted Winnie as her mother expected. She’s already tied in chains to a bed so if there’s going to be torture, physical or psychological, I doubt I’ll finish this book. 

How will “breaking” the Darlings save his magic/island? And if he’s immortal than the age gap of whatever is about to happen is extremely creepy, not to mention that there’s a chance Peter Pan is her great great grandfather or something. 

Chapter 4 is in Bash’s point of view, one of the Lost Boys, that I also wasn’t expecting. So will it be reverse harem? 

I don’t like when they say “good girl” and that they don’t need permission to go through her mind. I wish I had a better understanding of what’s “dark” in regards to consent and capturing and such. Like some women might find this situation sexy, but it just seems to be taking such a step backwards in me too movement concepts. 

Chapter 9 is Kas’ point of view, which is the 4th total so far. There’s a lot and not my preference. 

So now that “Brownie” has a chapter (and I’m very uncomfortable with that name) it gives us more info on their world but it’s still a lot to keep track of. 

Halfway through and Winnie really is just a slut right now. I hate using that word, but if there was a definition in the dictionary of what slut means, “Winnie Darling” could just be written after it. She has no depth. No personality. No characterization other than liking casual sex with lots of guys. 

Why does Peter Pan not care what Winnie did with one but then his reaction to the other is so outrageously opposite? This feels so contradictory. 

Her mixed internal thoughts are portraying confusing messages especially in this day in age when guys are being told one thing but getting different kinds of body language. 

And when she says “I might have finally been found.” Just sounds like she needs psychoanalytic therapy. This is extremely toxic and I wish there were more subcategories of “dark” to make these subgenres more clear. 

What’s the point of her endless journey to fuck them all? Why is that her goal? Is it even a goal? 

I hesitantly finished this novel with a 2.5/5 star rating. I’m struggling with the books that are half forced-erotica and half shallow-plot. If it’s going to be all about the sex, then there needs to be more detail about the actual sex. It’s over so quickly so it seems like the whole point isn’t the arousal or climax or orgasm but the forbidden part of it or taboo part of it.

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