Review #312

I gave “The Age of Witches, a historical fantasy a 4.3/5 stars. Part of this reminder me of the book, “The Lost Apothecary.”

Here’s my live thoughts while reading:

In 1692, Bridget is awaiting her doomed fate as an accused witch, despite denying all the claims against her. 

Chapter 1 starts in 1890 in Harriet’s point of view, a 50 year old widow who lives with her housekeeper and seems to make concoctions from plants to help others in the community by natural remedies. It wasn’t by any means an attention grabber but an easy way to slide into the story and introduce the character. The most intriguing part is that Harriet had a grand niece who doesn’t know of her. But Harriet wants to meet her despite knowing the stepmother won’t allow it. 

Chapter 2 is in Frances point of view, the stepmother. She has the responsibility to raise a proper girl out of Annis, though the 17 year old only cares about her horses, not socialite circles and rising to popularity and stature like Frances wants. 

Chapter 3 jumps to Annis’ point of view. Annis is a young, spirited girl who wants to find a good mare to breed her thoroughbred with but he’s currently injured. One wrong joke to her stepmother about wanting to wear pants riding instead of a skirt causes more drama than it should. I’m eager for when Annis meets Harriet and what her response will be. 

Harriet and Frances have a history of disagreeing and using their powers in different ways. But not all things last. 

I love the concept of the “knowing” the maleficia and the manikins. 

I wish Frances’ view points were taken out of the novel. I definitely feel Annis is the main character since she has the most urgency and agency so I also wish the first chapter started with her. 

Woah . Chapter 10 goes to James POV. Who is James? 

Under the spell, it seems like they shouldn’t be aware of their change of thoughts about the other.  

At the halfway mark I’m loving this story. Hopefully the back and forth warring of the contradictory spells part is over and something new happens next. The problem: if James or Annis ends up having true feelings neither will know if they’re authentic. 

In chapter 27-29 I don’t like when something happens and then the story backtracks in time an hour without warning/clarity. I want clear and consecutive.  

The ending was satisfying and gave an inkling of a sequel. I know this author has three other witchy books but I don’t think they’re directly in the same series? I’ll have to check it out.

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