Top 10 Reasons to NEVER be an Author

10. Their/There/They’re, You’re/Your, Worst/Worse, Passed/Past … the English language is the worse … enough said

9. High amount of criticism & minimal praise … you need tough skin

8. You’ll make about $1/century … good luck

7. Your web browsing history will get you arrested … seriously who does this shit?

6. Making up stories all day? Psh … sounds perfectly dreadful (wink wink)

5. Your new excuse for reading other books … research

4. It makes raising children all worth it … because you can steal their imaginative ideas about skull demons and parachuting penguins.

3. As much as you love your partner, they may never live up to your book boyfriend anymore … I mean you get to create your ideal specimen on paper

2. You’ll critique the shit out of every book you read … until the end of time

1. You will often be plotting murders … and know how to get away with it (maybe this is the bonus)

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Fiction author

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