Linked Trilogy

Scorched is Book One in The Linked Trilogy and will be published March 3, 2023.

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Yes, this is very early, but it’s how I roll, y’all. Those who sign up to participate as for an ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) receive a free digital copy of the book a month prior to release in exchange for an honest review. This way, when it is published, readers see the novel as legit.

This fantasy romance is enemies to lovers, with “chosen one” and “forced proximity” tropes set in the epic world of Lodesa. There are two points of view, both in first person narrative. The vibe has a modern feel with brief mentions of digital solar watches, hoverboards, jumpsuits that change color based on the environment, and an evil president.

Despite this “contemporary vibe”, most scenes are set outdoors in one of the Magikal lands that are unknown to Ordulls (non-Magikal people). I wonder if you’d be from Draven (earth powers), Vayu (wind power), Cydon (water power), or Elidi (fire power)? This fantasy land gives the novel the epic feel readers crave.

If you’re wondering about the meaning of “Linked” … I can’t spoil much … so use your imagination or add it to your Goodreads TBR list.

My favorite part about writing this series, that has been controversial with beta readers, is the heroine’s fierceness. There have been awesome arguments about Kyra’s personality that make all the hard work worthwhile. Preorder Scorched for yourself here and leave your opinion on the character’s likeability in 2023!

(Please be advised the sex scenes are 3.5/5 explicit steam and geared towards adults.)

Here is the blurb for Scorched:

Kyra Kozelski

“All men deserve to rot in eternal Abyss.”

Every male disappeared.
Turns out, I did that. Who knew I possessed Magik?
However, Jadox Griffin is still here- the only surviving male- a quiet, annoying soldier who definitely doesn’t have eyes to die for.
I need his help to return my nephew before it’s too late. But Jadox is hiding something, and a whispered threat is creeping closer with each passing moment.

Jadox Griffin

Kyra is stubborn, powerful, and a pain in my ass. Her idiotic wish turns the world upside down.
Lying to her is necessary to find the answers I seek. Time is running out. Making her believe I’m her only hope is vital. Except I’m not.
And when she finds out the truth, I might be the next to disappear.

Short Story Prequels

Don’t forget to read the three short story prequels used as reader magnets here on my website as a teaser for this story. Their chronological order is:

Isaac’s Curse

The Librarian, Prince of Vayu

Jadox’s Spell

The Healer, Prince of Draven

Kyra’s Ruin

The Golden One

Kyra, Jadox, and Isaac are the three main characters in the love triangle.

Map of Lodesa!

Beastly creatures

Ashes is a jugosaur from Elidi

Artwork by Claudia Hopkins

Tawoli is a ventus from Vayu

Brynn is a hydraco from Cydon

Goldie, the gorula from Draven

Here is some fanart from a reader who was inspired by a scene in Scorched where Kyra enters the Forbidden Caves. Check out Anna Cackler’s website for her own books.

As always, thanks for your support. If you’d like to help share my books to other readers, it would be amazingly awesome to post this blog to social media. Have a great day!

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