Top 10 things every Bookstagrammer knows

10. How to read and walk simultaneously (with or without injury) 9. The exact weight in ounces of carrying thirty books down the stairs and outside for natural lighting… woops now I only have one less 8. How to waste away scrolling for creative inspiration and get stuck on a dozen cat videos 7. OnceContinue reading “Top 10 things every Bookstagrammer knows”

March Top Ten

Check out each individual review, alongside 200+ others on my blog. Here’s my favorites in March. I had a wide variety this month in this list, with five fantasy, one contemporary, one erotica, two suspense, two romance, one young adult. Surprisingly, no historical fiction novels made my favorite this month. The Cartographers and The ParisContinue reading “March Top Ten”

Top 10 Reasons to NEVER be an Author

10. Their/There/They’re, You’re/Your, Worst/Worse, Passed/Past … the English language is the worse … enough said 9. High amount of criticism & minimal praise … you need tough skin 8. You’ll make about $1/century … good luck 7. Your web browsing history will get you arrested … seriously who does this shit? 6. Making up storiesContinue reading “Top 10 Reasons to NEVER be an Author”

Top 10 Places for a Bookish Vaca

Top 10 places to spend a bookish vacation 10. Your attic. Hide from family & grab a flashlight and some chocolate. No one will know you’re up there for days. I promise. Perhaps. 9. Your local lake. Read outside y’all! Just sit there and don’t let the geese attack you. Believe me, I’ve been there.Continue reading “Top 10 Places for a Bookish Vaca”