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“The Spanish Love Deception” earned a 4.7/5 stars for me. I thoroughly enjoyed this contemporary romance with a happily ever after that almost hit too cheesy at the end but not quite.

Here’s my live thoughts while reading:

It starts out as an office setting enemies to potential lovers situation when Catalina desperately needs a date to her sister’s wedding in Spain in only a month to save face and her rival colleague offers to go with her for no reason.

The next few chapters continue in Catalina’s POV in first person past tense narrative so I’m wondering if it’ll stay that way or if Aaron will have any voice? 

Gerald’s character in the meeting laid it on a little thick. Most women in the workforce have experienced something similar at some point, but his comments felt a little forced and heavy handed to make the point. 

I’m on chapter 7 and have very little to say because it’s flowing smoothly. It’s a fake relationship trope and their banter is cute, sometimes a little more harsh and edgy with that ping of “hurt” but it’s balanced by the detailed nonverbal body language shown in their interactions. 

I’m glad that Catalina brings a culture to the romcom genre that I haven’t had the pleasure of reading much about yet.  

I love that we’re slowly being introduced to Aaron’s past and story. It’s very well done. 

I’m not sure how so feel about her “not eating enough” segment. Something feels off about his reaction and their conversation. 

Lina feels so real and relatable and 3D. I love her quirks and how they’re deciding potential pet names. It’s adorable. 

At the halfway mark, we’re finally in Spain and meeting her family. I love the competition idea. And forced one-bed trope! 

I love that it’s a “guy falls first” trope too!  

I’m having trouble with believing how naive or unaware Lina is. It’s not even that she’s in denial and refusing to believe he likes her yet. It’s more of just not even grasping any concept of it being a possibility. So that part doesn’t feel believable because she’s an intelligent woman. At this point she should be considering that he likes her but talking herself out of it. So far, it’s not even an option she’s contemplating. 

I flew through the last 100 pages. This was a fun, simple, sexy read with a lot of slow building of “accidental” touches and eye contact. The couple sexy scenes were hot hot hot!

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