Top 10 reasons to gift yourself a book

10. Because you survived a Monday meeting … or ANY meeting.

9. Because you finished your last TBR book. But let’s be honest, that’ll never happen, so just go ahead and order one anyways.

8. Because you did NOT dream about a book boyfriend for a night, thus deserve a reward for innocence (you can lie about this one).

7. Because your cat gave a judgement face when you attempted yoga and you need to feel better.

6. Because somewhere in the world, it’s someone’s birthday, so treat yourself.

5. Because of that one comment your high school rival said in front of the whole group … you’re an adult now and deserve the best, which means BUY a book!

4. Because something needs to be done while sipping your favorite drink.

3. Because your bookshelf has a new space after you rearranged. Time to fill it up.

2. Because of that one F.R.I.E.N.D.S episode when Joey put Little Women in the freezer. Books can be scary, y’all, that doesn’t mean we will refrain from buying them.

1. Because your partner demanded that you stop collecting books … you’ll show him/her/them! Insert devilish smirk moment here.

Check out my blog for several other Top 10 lists.

In case “Break the Stone” is a book you’d like to purchase after complete inspiration from this blog, then check out the shop button on my home page. Or not. I won’t know either way.

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