LC Taylor

Tell me about your most recent book you’re writing and the title. For LC Taylor, I am currently finishing up the first in a new series call Crossroads Heroes called Broken Vow. For Dori Pulitano, I am writing the first book in the Winston Brothers called Bad Union.

What have you most learned from being an author? It’s a lot of work – rewarding, but hard.

If you could change the world from being a writer, what is the impact you’d want to make? Teaching people kindness doesn’t cost a thing.

Who is one of your heroes? My Dad.

If you could a celebrity for a day, who would it be?

If your novels were a color, what color spectrum would they be and why? Red. Because they can be tender and pink or fire red and hot.

What’s something unique about you that many others don’t know. I used to be a police officer and I am now a fulltime 7th grade teacher—and I have 14 tattoos.

Where do you stash the books, you own? My bookshelf or Ereader.

What’s a fear you have to overcome/grow in the writing career? Imposter Syndrome.

What would you say to your high school rival if given the chance? Your dad was the inspiration for my Reverse Harem. Don’t tell your mom.

Give me a descriptive 5 sentence story about strength. She carried the weight of the world on her shoulders. But despite the raging storm waters, she pushed through and rose. Even with the waves crashing against her body, she was brave enough to stand her ground. Nothing in the world could stop her. The will to succeed was as strong as her will to survive.

Give me a descriptive 5 sentence story about a duel with fireworks. The sparkling embers fizzled with warning as he took aim. His opponent was worthy, but his fear of fire kept him at bay. Coiling with vivid colors, the rockets readied themselves for battle. With a flick of the hand, he sent them flying towards his adversary. They burst into a thousand fireflies spiraling around the defeated warrior.

Give me a descriptive 5 sentence story about pride. He wore his pride on his sleeve. Making the exaggeration of his life open to all. Bragging about what he’d accomplished only made him foolish. For his pride nearly cost him a love that was worth of boasting.

What are your top 3 books you read in 2021? Heartbreak Warfare, CR Robertsons Midnight Dynasty Series, EM Petrova’s Ranger Ops Series.

What are your writing goals for 2022? Get my second pen name flowing and to make enough money so I don’t have to teach.

Tell me about a book you’d like to advertise. Bad Union (The Winston Brothers Book One)

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