Rebecca and Victoria Heap

What’s your pen name?

Rebecca and Victoria Heap – we are twin sisters who write together!

Tell me about your most recent book you’re writing and the title.

We have written a fantasy trilogy and have recently been offered and signed a contract with publisher, Odyssey Books! It is very exciting. The series is called The Tribes of Feralis. It’s about a primitive, patriarchal world of human hybrids where a young man competes in deadly trials, determined to win the crown and reclaim his lost love. After a traumatic birth, his sister, is the first female to be born with an animal spirit. How will she cope with a shapeshifting ability that has always been the exclusive right of males? Sylas, a Reptilian, is inextricably tied to both their fates. As their twin suns draw further apart, their world too will be torn apart. In ways that no-one could have foreseen.

What genre do you write?

Our first books are suspense and our current endeavor is fantasy. We also have in mind some other stories, which are historical and science fiction. There is a central theme running through our writing, though, and that is romance!

Tell us about your writing process.
We do try to plan what we write a little and obviously we have to confer a lot with each other! We sometimes disagree but not very often and we always manage to work it out. We do get passionate about our characters and story ideas. We often surprise each other – in a good way! We both often find that we have decided on a plotline and, as we write, our writing or the character decides to take it somewhere else! We never seem to have writer’s block – we both sometimes have the opposite and have to cut down on excessive vocabulary! We do sometimes come across “plot block” where we have to work out where the plot is going or how to get a character out of a sticky situation we have written them into, while still keeping things believable.

Tell me why you like Bookfunnel.

Bookfunnel is great for joining in with author cross promos and building our mailing list. We also like the fact that they have now started facilitating newsletter swaps.

Who did you highlight in your recent acknowledgements and why?

We haven’t written the acknowledgements yet but we will be mentioning our beta readers by name, who have all been fantastic. We highlighted our husbands in our last acknowledgements as they have supported us in our writing and are long-suffering!

Where do you live?

We live in a multi-cultural, friendly town in Northwest England, called Bolton.

Would your most recent protagonist pick:

Hot dog or pasta?

Shower or bath?

Office job or freelance artist?

Parasailing or scuba diving?

Italy or Alaska?

Wine or tequila?

Horse or dolphin?

As the story is set on another world, some of these are not completely relevant! One of our heroes does have an outside shower at one point, which drives our heroine to distraction, and the main protagonist of Book One steals a beautiful horse!

What is something you hope to achieve decades from now in your writing career?

We hope to have more success and the ultimate dream (as we suspect is likely with a lot of writers) is to have our books turned into movies! Our main goal is just to bring enjoyment to readers and to leave a legacy our children can be proud of.

Do you write stand-alones or series? Why?

Our first book, a romantic suspense, was a standalone but we since split it into two – a prequel novella, Dark Betrayal, and follow-up novel, Dark Secrets. This made more sense as the story originally flitted back and forth between the present and past and we decided that Brenna’s story (the tragic/evil events that inspire the actions of one of our main characters, Sean) should instead be read first to provide background/prologue for the main novel.

Our latest fantasy series started off as one book but has taken on a mind of its own and morphed into three!

Which was your favorite book you read this year?

The Craftsman by Sharon Bolton, a dark, twisty crime thriller. The location is based on a town called Darwen, close to where we live and also close to our hearts, as our maternal grandparents lived there.

Tell me three things about your favorite protagonist.

This is difficult as we like all our protagonists, even the “evil” ones. Our favorite is probably Kyra, our latest heroine, as she has to go through a lot of heartbreak, prejudice and loss but comes back stronger!

What is a mistake you made early in writing that you’d advise other authors to avoid?

Not believing in ourselves and our writing sooner. As we were very academic, we were pushed into choosing other paths. We would say if you are good at something, follow your dreams and don’t give up!

Write a descriptive sentence about a wolf attack.

We have this in Book Three of our series! Please find it here: “They came in a rush of fur and teeth, swallowing the light.”

Write a descriptive sentence about a funeral.

We have this in Book One of our series: “Her heart broke all over again as she saw the spirit of his cat rise like golden vapour, finally letting go; it merged with the rising smoke, disappearing into the welcoming blanket of the indigo sky.”

What’s your writing goals for 2022?

We are finishing writing and editing book three of our series. And we look forward to collaborating with our publisher, making Tribes the best it can be and releasing Book One in the new year!

Tell me about a book you’d like to advertise here and why?

We’d like to advertise our prequel novella, Dark Betrayal as it gives readers a taste of our writing without having to pay anything! It can be found free here:

We recently received a wonderful review for it on Bookbub: “This is a fantastic Prequel novella that is well written and fast paced and just grabs you from the get go! It’s a gripping and engrossing read that has us following Brenna on her journey as she tries to escape a very unhappy life but all is not as it seems! It’s a great introduction to the series and I can’t wait to read more.”

Love that this reviewer has the same surname as our favourite heroine of all time – Eyre!

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