A.K. Lang

What’s your pen name and tell me about the books you like to write. 

My pen name is A.K. Lang

What’s a secret your hero or heroine might keep from one another?

My heroine is very open, sometimes to her detriment. She tends to be overly honest which gets her into hot water. She also tends to trust the wrong people!

What is your first sentence of your most recent novel?

At the Gathering of the Three, one was missing.

What celebrity do you think would like you books most and why?

I think anyone, especially the female characters, in the Wheel of Time series coming out soon would like my books because my characters are more faceted. They don’t run around parroting how terrible and ridiculous men are (as they do in the WOT) and have more to offer than just their magic wielding. 

What time of day do you do your best writing and why?

Whenever I can! I have a toddler and another on the way. I am also a teacher, so I tend to run out of spare time all too often. 

What are you biggest obstacles in writing and how do you overcome them?

Finding time to write!! Also slogging through some of the exposition. I love writing dialogue and action scenes, but obviously, books can’t be only that. 

Which character would you take on a date and why?

I would take Hiram on a date. He’s an old elder in my book, The Gathering of the Three, with a very checkered past. He has some serious stories and has only revealed a few so far!

Tell me why you’re passionate about writing. 

I am a story teller. I don’t consider myself “an auteur” (please say this with a hoity toity French accent, thanks). I like to entertain people and I write stories that I find entertaining. I can’t wait to find out what my characters do. My hope is that I find people that also are curious about my characters and want to enjoy their journey as well. 

What book do you want to read next?

I am trying to finish the Wheel of Time series and Dune before the movies/shows come out!!!!

What are your 2022 goals:

Have baby #2 and self-publish book #2. 

Social media links/contact:

Twitter: aklangbooks

Facebook: AK Lang

Instagram: aklangbooks

email: aklangbooks@gmail.com

I also have a blog if anyone wants a free platform to stretch their writing legs!

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