Reader Q+A #4

What’s your name and what genre books do you love to read?

Hey, my name is Hanne. I mostly read fantasy books, but I can also enjoy a good military romance. I fell in love with this genre last year. I also discovered this year that I also like to read books with an lgbtq+ representation.

Instagram@ hanbbooks

What villain would you be (in which book) and why?

Oh this is so difficult, mostly I hate the villains because they hurt the main character. But if I have to choose I want to be a villain in the light of the magi series from Britaini Armitage so I can discover this world. But I would be the villain of the villain. And you now what they say the villain of my villain is my friend, so I can be friends with the main character.

What are three things every author should do?

  • Don’t let your mood fall because you had a bad review on your book
  • Take time for yourself, it doesn’t matter if you don’t write for a day or more. You’re (mental) health is important
  • Engage with the book community, you will get so much love of them.

What hero/heroine traits do you fall in love with?

I love it when they don’t do it for themselves but for others or a whole community.

The growing part, when they discover there powers and you see them growing every page.

What is annoying/intolerable in a hero/heroine?

They think they don’t need anyone to solve a problem. They think they can solve it alone but everyone needs a little help from a friend, even the heroes.

When something doesn’t succeed they blame others of their mistakes.

What season do you enjoy reading in the most?

Oh I don’t really have a season I enjoy most, I like to read and for me the whether have no influence on it. I can read in the couch while it rains in the autumn but I can also sit outside in the spring and summer. But let me say I don’t like to see snow.

Give me clues to tell me where you’re from without  naming the city.

Nobody will guess it, it’s a little town in a Dutch speaking country in Europe. It is a lot mentioned on the radio when they list the trafic. Because nobody will guess it I will give some hints about the country. We are a small country with three official languages: Dutch, French and German. We have a coast on the North Sea. The colors of or flag are black, yellow and red.

What’s your favorite reading snack/drink any what character would you share your snack with?

I like eating chocolate cookies but with my books closed so I won’t make them dirty. And I love to drink tea. I would want to share my snacks with Ella, Harper and Taylor from the you and me series from Britaini Armitage, and with Cali and Raelyn from Golden chains series.

Give me a sentence that encompasses the vibe of Cassie Swindon’s Golden Chains trilogy.

Amazing, plot driven, tension building military romance

Give me a plug of something you’d love any other reader to know about and why.

Be always yourself, even if they want you to be different. It’s not you who have to change, it’s them who have to accept you as who you are.

You are beautiful the way you are. Don’t change it! Be you, because that’s beautiful enough.

I just wanted to say this to all the people who wants to hear this words, who needs them. Because everyone deserves a little bit of love even if it is from a total stranger who you haven’t met in person.

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