Review #22

Title- Namesake Rating– 5/5Genre- YA (maybe historical fiction?) POV- first person past tense Trope- parent/child relationships, sunken treasure, strong heroine Similar Books/Comps– Fable, The Lost Apothecary My emotions-  super invested Characters– West’s morally gray compass is done super well. The see-saw feelings about Saint are spot on. I loved that the antagonist was a badContinue reading “Review #22”

Review #19

Title- The Fall Guy Rating– 3/5Genre- Psychological Thriller, Suspense POV- Third person, past tense Trope- stalker vibes Similar Books/Comps– The Locked Door, Never Tell them My emotions-  Creepy, uncomfortable Vibe– dark, strange love triangle Characters– Charlie, a wealthy banker with an uneasy conscience (married to Chloe) Matthew- troubled cousin Chloe- who Matthew is obsessed withContinue reading “Review #19”

Review #16

Title- The Last Story of Mina Lee Book of the Month Selection Rating– 4/5Genre- Contemporary, Women’s Fiction POV- Multiple POV- mother and daughter in different years Trope- motherhood Similar Books/Comps– White Ivy, A Good Neighborhood My emotions-  Curious Characters– Margot- 26 years old in California Mina- Margot’s single- mother Plot/Blurb- Margot finds that her motherContinue reading “Review #16”

Review #15

Title- Beasts of Extraordinary Circumstance Rating– 3/5Genre- Whimsical fantasy, literary fiction POV- First person, past tense. I haven’t read a story of someone’s life through so many other different points of view. Weylyn’s life is broken up into different sections based off the relationships he had. Trope- odd-one out of the group Similar/Comps– The HouseContinue reading “Review #15”

Review #13

Title- Eat, Pray, Love Rating– 5/5Genre- Women’s Fiction, Contemporary POV- First person, present tense. Trope- Traveling, Mid-life internal assessment Similar Books/Comps– It All Comes Back to You, The Power of Letting Go My emotions-  Peaceful, Liberated, Inspired Plot/Blurb- Elizabeth Gilbert tells how she made the difficult choice to leave behind all the trappings of modernContinue reading “Review #13”