Top Fairy tale retellings

I already made one blog about fairy tale retellings. Here’s my second list. As usual, my favorite is saved for last, so keep scrolling. All of these have individual reviews under my blog if you search

#8 The Surface Breaks by Louise O’Neill (4/5)

Depressing Little Mermaid

#7 Cruel Beauty by Rosamund Hodge (4/5)

Dark vibes YA beauty & the beast (but clean sexually)

#6 Bookish and the Beast by Ashley Poston (4.1/5)

YA contemporary B&B

#5 A Sea of Unfortunate Souls by Jay R Wolf (4.3/5)

Little Mermaid clashes with Captain Hook

#4 Beauty in Darkness by Elizabeth Briggs (4.5/5)

Moderately spicy beauty and the beast

#3 Of Beast and Beauty by Stacey Jay (4.8/5)

Sci fi beauty and the beast

#2 Kiss of the Selkie by Tessonjya Odette (4.9/5)

Little Mermaid YA/NA crossover

#1 A Mirror Mended by Alix E. Harrow (5/5)

Sequel of Sleeping Beauty meets Snow White’s evil stepmother

I have three works-in-progress that are fairy tale retellings, Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast and Peter Pan. If you’d like to be added to the beta reader lists ahead of time, please email me at

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