Top Ten New Vocab

Hey fellow readers. Here’s a fun blog post of top ten vocabulary words I’ve learned while reading fiction. Enjoy!

Salacious – having or conveying undue or inappropriate interest in sexual matters. In “Book Lovers” by Emily Henry

Fetters- a chain or manacle used to restrain a prisoner, typically placed around the ankles from the “Witch’s Daughter” by Paula Brackston 

Fascicle- a separately published installment of a book or other printed work from “The Dictionary of Lost Words” by Pip Williams

Extirpation- the act of removing or destroying something completely in “All the Light We Cannot See” by Anthony Doerr

Desiccated- having had all moisture removed; dried out. from “The Shadow in the Glass” by JJA Harwood

Bacchanal- an occasion of wild and drunken revelry from “Midnight in Everwood” by M.A. Kuzniar 

Septuagenarian- a person who is from 70 to 79 years old in “Kiss Her Once For Me,” by Alison Cochrun 

Taciturnity – the state or quality of being reserved or reticent in conversation from “Without Merit” by Colleen Hoover 

Arbiters- a person who settles a dispute or has ultimate authority in a matter from “The Dictionary of Lost Words” by Pip Williams

Cudgel- a short, thick stick used as a weapon in “The Tourist Attraction” by Sarah Morgenthaler

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