Top 10 things every Bookstagrammer knows

10. How to read and walk simultaneously (with or without injury)

9. The exact weight in ounces of carrying thirty books down the stairs and outside for natural lighting… woops now I only have one less

8. How to waste away scrolling for creative inspiration and get stuck on a dozen cat videos

7. Once you take one book off the shelf for a picture, you’re going to end up reorganizing all of them

6. The most dangerous place for photo shoot is Barnes & Noble

5. A ten second reel will take up half your lifetime to create

4. Cats are not your display friends

3. Which shelf club you belong to: by color, by size, by genre, by author, by (fill in the blank)

2. Plants make everything prettier

1. To read more, we all need to get off the damn internet … or check out my blog for other Top Ten posts.

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