Top 10 Places for a Bookish Vaca

Top 10 places to spend a bookish vacation

10. Your attic. Hide from family & grab a flashlight and some chocolate. No one will know you’re up there for days. I promise. Perhaps.

9. Your local lake. Read outside y’all! Just sit there and don’t let the geese attack you. Believe me, I’ve been there.

8. An airport. Yeah, sure, just pretend you’re flying somewhere exotic and listen to the planes take off. It’ll work, I swear. Maybe.

Okay, getting down to business …

7. California. According to, “The Ripped Bodice is the only bookstore in the U.S. that specializes exclusively in the romance genre.”

6. Porto, Portugal in the Livraria Lello (look up a picture, y’all, you won’t be disappointed)

5. Todo Modo in Florence, Italy … because it’s a must and I said so.

4. The Women’s bookshop in New Zealand … because it’s on my bucket list.

3. The Starfield Library in Seoul, Korea

2. Dustcovers in Nieu Bethesda, Karoo, Africa

1. Anywhere! Everyday! Just travel and read.

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