Top Ten Ways to Afford New Books

10. Stop buying chocolate and wine. Or not

9. Take out a second mortgage, of course

8. Ditch your significant other on all future dates

7. Eat your cat’s canned food for dinner each night

6. Win the lottery

5. Make a wish in a magical fountain somewhere abroad… oh and you hitchhiked there because all your funding is going towards books

4. Spam every favorite author on the hour and beg for free copies (signed, of course)

3. Sell your “other” hobby items … it’s not like you’re doing anything but reading anyway

2. Rob a bank, it could make for a fun story. Then hey, write a book about the adventure

1. Sneak into reader-friend’s room at midnight with a mask and steal all their lovelies

Or … get a library card, y’all! See my other Top Ten posts on my blog above. Happy reading!

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