Top 10 Novels of 2021

I read 122ish books in 2021. These are the top ten. As you can see, I have a genre preference, since these mostly fit into Fantasy or YA Fantasy. If you’d like a custom recommendation list of romance or historical fiction or contemporary women’s fiction, then please send me a message and I’d be glad to give you ideas. In a few days, there will also be a posting of all books I read this year.

10. Daughter of the Deep

because everyone wants the wind in their hair and salt water spraying their face

9. Scarlett

because everyone wants a strong heroine who falls in love with Wolf

(sidenote- this is not the first novel in the series. Start with Cinder)

8. The Book of Lost Names

because everyone wants a behind the scenes view of powerful women in France making a positive difference against the Nazi’s terror

7. The Keeper of Night

because everyone wants a dark/cryptic underworld read once in a while

6. The Lost Apothecary

because everyone wants a feminist story that ties present day to a mystery long ago

5. The Nature of Witches

because everyone wants a refreshing read with prose that flow so poetically

4. A Curse So Dark and Lonely

because everyone loves Beauty and the Beast re-tellings with a contemporary character thrown into an alternate epic universe

3. The Bourbon Thief

because everyone loves great story telling that rips out your gut in the end

(Sidenote- check trigger warnings)

2. A Court of Mist and Fury

because everyone wants to finish a novel and start screaming at the last page with raw emotions. Warning- major book hangover after this one

(sidenote- this is not the first novel in the series)

Finally, the BEST book I read in 2021 was Serpent and Dove!!!

because … witches! enemies to lovers! France! And Lou is one of my all-time favorite characters. She is unforgettable, relatable & scrumptious.

I only own 4/10 of my favorites … hint hint, hubby. Check out my blog for other Top 10 lists and the full year wrap up of 2021

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