Top 10 Reasons to NEVER be an Author

10. Their/There/They’re, You’re/Your, Worst/Worse, Passed/Past … the English language is the worse … enough said 9. High amount of criticism & minimal praise … you need tough skin 8. You’ll make about $1/century … good luck 7. Your web browsing history will get you arrested … seriously who does this shit? 6. Making up storiesContinue reading “Top 10 Reasons to NEVER be an Author”

Top 10 Places for a Bookish Vaca

Top 10 places to spend a bookish vacation 10. Your attic. Hide from family & grab a flashlight and some chocolate. No one will know you’re up there for days. I promise. Perhaps. 9. Your local lake. Read outside y’all! Just sit there and don’t let the geese attack you. Believe me, I’ve been there.Continue reading “Top 10 Places for a Bookish Vaca”

Top 10 reasons to gift yourself a book

10. Because you survived a Monday meeting … or ANY meeting. 9. Because you finished your last TBR book. But let’s be honest, that’ll never happen, so just go ahead and order one anyways. 8. Because you did NOT dream about a book boyfriend for a night, thus deserve a reward for innocence (you canContinue reading “Top 10 reasons to gift yourself a book”

Top Ten Ways to Afford New Books

10. Stop buying chocolate and wine. Or not 9. Take out a second mortgage, of course 8. Ditch your significant other on all future dates 7. Eat your cat’s canned food for dinner each night 6. Win the lottery 5. Make a wish in a magical fountain somewhere abroad… oh and you hitchhiked there becauseContinue reading “Top Ten Ways to Afford New Books”

Top 10 Novels of 2021

I read 122ish books in 2021. These are the top ten. As you can see, I have a genre preference, since these mostly fit into Fantasy or YA Fantasy. If you’d like a custom recommendation list of romance or historical fiction or contemporary women’s fiction, then please send me a message and I’d be gladContinue reading “Top 10 Novels of 2021”