Isaac’s Curse

This is the first short story in the Linked Series. “Jadox’s Curse” and “Kyra’s Ruin” follow this story. The fierce wind flapped the sheet in my hand, so I tightened my grip, shaking out the crumbs from last night’s dessert. At least Zeph had licked most of the cake off my abs, so it didn’tContinue reading “Isaac’s Curse”

Kyra’s Ruin

Chronological Order of the short stories Isaac’s Curse Jadox’s Spell Kyra’s Ruin Copyright 2021 by Cassie Swindon All rights reserved. No part of this story may be produced in any form or by any electronic or mechanical means, including information storage and retrieval systems, without written permission from the author, except for the use ofContinue reading “Kyra’s Ruin”

Jadox’s Spell

A short story/prequel to “Scorched” (Linked Trilogy Series) October 22, 2021 The strong smell of horses wafted through the autumn breeze. Bark scratched through my thin shirt as I shifted my back against the oak tree. When Isaac Nilson nodded and started walking through the yard, I straightened my posture and casually hovered my handContinue reading “Jadox’s Spell”

Joanna’s Sacrifices

*This short story takes place after the sequel, Hunt the Storm. To avoid spoilers, read Break the Stone and Hunt the Storm before Joanna’s Sacrifices* **Trigger Warning for graphic sexual content** JOANNA’S SACRIFICES The shadow grew, blocking my only exit. But a shadow was harmless compared to the toxins Zohaib had poisoned me with overContinue reading “Joanna’s Sacrifices”

Cali’s Escape

I jammed half of a fresh cookie into my mouth, letting the chocolate melt over my tongue. The other half crumbled and fell apart into pieces, still warm from the oven. My charm bracelet tattled on my intention with a slight jingle as I reached in for another cookie. Mom swatted my hand away, herContinue reading “Cali’s Escape”

Kody’s Secret

Kody Walsh’s large mahogany hands gripped the basketball, the tiny bumps creating friction on his sweaty fingertips. A titan of an athlete, in center position, stood in his way. Kody couldn’t take his shot. Five! Four! Three! Together, the crowd chanted, “Two!” Their voices matched the rhythm of the basketball’s thump, thump, thump against theContinue reading “Kody’s Secret”