Review #229

I’d give this fantasy a 4.9/5 because I still wanted a little more emphasis on the romance. It was a tiny bit better than the first novel in this duology. I appreciated the effortless prose in first person present tense that stayed in Alosa’s POV the whole time.  Here were my thoughts while reading: ChapterContinue reading “Review #229”

Review #227

Unfortunately, this contemporary trajectory was a 2.9/5 star rating for me. I loved the LGBTQ representation and the bravery of addressing the difficult theme of death. The first chapter felt pretty choppy, vague, staccato and the prose were a little awkward. In the first section of “Death-Cast” I was a little confused on the rulesContinue reading “Review #227”

Review #226

The contemporary romance of “November 9” was a solid 5/5 rating for me. I’ve read more than a handful of CoHo books and I’m finally starting to understand the rage. Her characters are so crystal clear and layered from the very first chapter. It reminded me of “One Day” by David Nicholls and “This TimeContinue reading “Review #226”

Review #224

I gave this romance a 3.9/5 star rating and it could technically fit into a few subcategories like historical fiction or fantasy romance. In the first chapter we learned of Charlotte, a troublemaker and thief who dislikes pirates & idolizes Jane Austen and of course arrogant her nemesis, Irish pirate, Captain O’Riley who was alreadyContinue reading “Review #224”

Top 10 things every Bookstagrammer knows

10. How to read and walk simultaneously (with or without injury) 9. The exact weight in ounces of carrying thirty books down the stairs and outside for natural lighting… woops now I only have one less 8. How to waste away scrolling for creative inspiration and get stuck on a dozen cat videos 7. OnceContinue reading “Top 10 things every Bookstagrammer knows”

March Top Ten

Check out each individual review, alongside 200+ others on my blog. Here’s my favorites in March. I had a wide variety this month in this list, with five fantasy, one contemporary, one erotica, two suspense, two romance, one young adult. Surprisingly, no historical fiction novels made my favorite this month. The Cartographers and The ParisContinue reading “March Top Ten”

March Book Promos

Only a few days left to check out these three bookfunnel promos! The first is books that all have two points of view, the second below is for $2.99 books, and the third at the bottom are the freebie books with badass women characters

Linked Trilogy

Scorched is Book One in The Linked Trilogy and will be published March 3, 2023. To sign up as an ARC reader for February please click here. Yes, this is very early, but it’s how I roll, y’all. Those who sign up to participate as for an ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) receive a free digitalContinue reading “Linked Trilogy”