Review #370

I gave this “contemporary horror?” book a 3.8/5 stars. There wasn’t much wrong with it, it’s just not my taste in genre. It was all written in one point of view and overall was a way I i read with a unique voice. Here’s my thoughts while reading:

Carrot, or Kara, is recently divorced and doesn’t want to move back in with her mom T the age of mid-30s. Her uncle offered her the spare room in his ‘creepy’ taxidermy museum where she grew up and used to work and happily accepts the offer. 

Well chapter 2 didn’t give too much more info. So I’m unsure of Kara’s purpose and goal and what the overall premise will be about and how the museum fits into it. 

She hopes to get her life back on track within one month following the divorce but 30 days into helping at the museum she’s now running it temporarily until her uncle can return to his position. Kara’s life path has skewed unexpectedly. 

It seems like during her duties involving renovating, Kara finds a secret pathway to a tunnel within the Wonder Museum. But its location doesn’t makes sense for the layout of the building. 

Alrighty, after chapter 6, it’s a little hard to visualize what they’re actually seeing within these impossible doors and hallways. I’m not feeling grounded but maybe that’s the point in alternate time or space dimensions. 

The voice of the narrative is definitely unique and different than the usual genre I read. So far they’re contemplating aliens or a hole in the universe like Narnia. 

After chapter 7 I want to know the purpose of this expedition. Are they just curious about thee parallel worlds and want to know more? If so, why didn’t they create more of a plan? What is their objective? To find a discovery? To answer questions? To report it to the authorities? 

Sometimes there’s a lot of internal comments that seem so random and irrelevant to the context of the story like wasted words.  

So I always mark the midpoint if the book before I start reading and this one has such an obvious turning point at that exact page. 

Well. That was … interesting. Definitely not my usual genre. It seemed like you’d need to be high to read it or write it. It didn’t feel like any real answers were given so it felt a little bit like – “what was the point…?” Others will probably love the strangeness but to me I was just ready for it to be done so I could move on. But at least I did read the whole thing, cover to cover. No skimming- so that’s saying something

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