DNF -Bend Her

This was a DNF for me but here’s my thoughts for the part I did finish:

Well, I’m not sure how I feel yet about the first chapter. Princess Lisane has been kidnapped from her castle but I’m unsure why yet… for ransom? For revenge upon her father for his choices? But right away I despise Rhaim for how he’s treating her, humiliating her and controlling her. Obviously this is a captor and captive story but when he arrogantly says “I won’t make you do anything you don’t want to,” that’s immediately proven wrong. 

Rhaim is a mage who, like all other mages, has seen his true death when his powers matured- and somehow it involves Lisane. So he knows there’s no point in getting rid of her because she will be his ultimate downfall. 

He wants to be “pleased?” Well I want to murder him. 

His endless commands infuriate me. Forcing her to wear a necklace. Comparing her to animals. Yes, she’s spirited but she hasn’t tried to escape yet. I’d respect her more if she was midway out the window. 

I hate the way he’s using such demeaning tactics. If the author is going to try and make me like Rhaim later it’ll be an uphill battle. 

I stopped reading Bend Her at page 100. His personality isn’t for me. Phrases like “I was at his mercy” and “I had been dismissed,” or “When I want your opinion, little moth, from here in out I will ask you for it,” and forcing her to call him “sir.” 

I like alpha situations when the woman is into it as well and when he cares for her not when it’s a man abusing his power. I can’t finish this one and I’m not the audience for this type.

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