Review #368

I gave this YA fantasy a perfect 5/5 stars. Elisabeth was amazing. Nathanial was awesome and Silas was perfection. It was all in one point of view in third person past tense. Though it felt like first person which is rare and hard to do. The romance was clean. The pacing was great. The world building was unique and delicious. I loved every bit of this.

Wow what a start. Elizabeth is an apprentice studying to become a Director. I’m unsure of all her tasks but they involve searching for rare grimoires that have been overtaken by demonic souls and keeping them locked away. Specifically, the Book of Eyes seemed to speak to her without her teacher hearing its voice. What is this rare connection she has with the grotesque book? Why are they so powerful?

The prose of the setting are written really descriptively so far to set the mood. 

Apparently Elisabeth has a rare ability to smell a type of magic which happens when she meets a young magister (a sorcerer). Why is he there? Will he be the love interest or the villain or maybe both? 

I recently read two other Margaret Rogerson books and already forgot how much of a high vocabulary she uses. Sometimes it feels unnecessary. Both my husband and I have college degrees and we don’t know the definition of several words, such as: susurrus

I can’t tell if Nathaniel’s arrogance is sarcasm. 

After chapter 12 I feel settled into this world of sorcerers and demons, but don’t understand Elisabeth’s purpose yet. She’s learning more about life outside the Library and will eventually learn her own powers and identity, but after she was dropped off at the chancellor’s mansion the plot slowed. Other than finding answers, what is her goal? What does she want? There’s nothing she’s striving for but just wandering around asking questions to politicians.  

I feel sickened by how controlled she is by Ashcroft. The reality of women being called insane for centuries is spine curling.   

At the halfway mark, I’m loving Silas & his character. Now I need to know if Elisabeth will get into the restricted section and find the answers.  

I still don’t fully understand how a Malefict is created. 

After chapter 25…! That choice!!! What’s Nathaniel going to do!!!! Aaah!

There’s so much book left and that felt like a climatic scene so I’m afraid the giant scene later won’t live up to my expectations now in comparison. 

“Her heart ached with a song that did not have words are notes or form, but strained nonetheless to be given voice-a sensation that was not unlike suffering, for it seem too great for her body to contain.”

With 100 pages left the stakes have definitely been raised. The entire world is at risk. Can Elisabeth and Nathaniel save the day? Will their demon friend betray them? Why does Silas want this overtake to happen anyways? Will she use the Demonslayer sword? Will anything happen to her best friend? Most importantly, will their newfound love survive through this test? 

“You’ve reminded me to live. That’s worth having something to lose.”

Omg I love her book related powers so much. 

Aaah this book was so good. There were 1 or 2 things that made me want to do a 4.8/5 stars for the total rating but I couldn’t do it. This YA fantasy got a perfect 5/5!!! It had all the things. All. The. Things.

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