Review #367

I rate this YA fantasy a 4.9/5 stars. It’s all in Violet’s point of view. I believe It’s a standalone since I haven’t heard other news and it resolved itself as much as possible. The romance is stronger than in most YA fantasy books.

Here’s my live thoughts while reading:

Violet is a young, stubborn Seer for the royal family, serving the king. Some prophecies she tells are truths and some are lies to serve herself or the king. After her last vision, it’s obvious the Prince has a ticking clock on his life but she doesn’t want to tell him. Who are the voices in her head during these vivid dreams and can she trust them? Will she be the one the Prince chooses to break his curse? I bet a twist will happen at the ball. So far this YA fantasy is a mixture of Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast elements with a sassy heroine.

So it’s a new take on the B&B story that the beast is half plant. I’m finding some similarities with this and my current work in progress, The Phantom Ink.

At the halfway mark we learn that Violet’s Sight gives her more powers than she knew about.

Their back and forth banter is so sharp that I both hate and love Cyrus and Violet. He has changed more than her so far in regards to internal growth but that’s only viewed through the one point of view offered to us.

This Witch of Nightmares is going to be a problem

Geez I love this world of fairies and rot infested forests. The Sight sometimes feels like an author hack to give answers an easy way. But I’m on for the ride.

It’s been a while since characters and their choices have gotten so much under my skin. They’re infuriating but loveable but damn do I hate them but god I want to be their best friends. How brilliant is the author to make that happen?

Well… that was unique. Which is what made it so good! Even at the last page I hate them but am rooting for them. That kind of writing is powerful.

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