Review #366

“Magic will speak to anyone who takes the time to listen.”

4.8/5 stars for this YA National Treasure meets Dracula. It was all in Theo’s point of view (first person) as our heroine. There was some clean romance on the side but overall the action packed plot was about finding her father and escaping the bad guys. Perfect for a movie.

After the prologue I’m immediately wondering if the bone ring is a fake and if so, why?

The first chapter felt very YA contemporary but it’s set in 1937. I’m already in love with the heroine. She’s traveling abroad but her father is MIA. Her tutor just quit and she has no money.

What cursed relic killed her mother and how? 

Why did the strange man in the lobby give her an ancient bill and insist that it’s hers? How will she find her father? 

Okay… enter hottie Huxley… is this a second chance romance? 

I’m already in love with them as a duo and the writing of their dialogue flows so naturally between them. The humorous moments within the danger is spot on perfection and I can see it like a movie. 

Where has her father disappeared to? Who is chasing them? What are they after? What secrets are in the journal? 

At the halfway mark I’m wanting them to be running for their lives a bit less and be more assertive in finding answers. Otherwise, I’m loving the mysterious vibes. 

Dog thief, sorcerer, blood magic, vampires, rival cult, talisman… there’s lots going on. 

I gotta admit the plan crash scene felt a bit much for their age. But the creepy cabin scene after was great, even though predictable. Overall the pacing is done really well. I care about her father’s fate, AND the ring mystery AND their relationship. 

I’m almost done with the book and still don’t think the title of this novel is the best option. It suits the heroine fine, but doesn’t all encompass her or the concept. Maybe “empress” could’ve been used instead? I think the overall cover just didn’t fully market to what I had expected. I like surprise but I was expecting a Moulin Rouge vibe.

I loved this book. My biggest critique is a wish the GIANT EPIC moments were more noticeable in the paragraphs. Like when the huge monumental thing happened that it was its own paragraph. Because since I read action scenes so quickly, I almost missed the big event.

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