DNF- The Bone Orchard

I was so excited about the premise and bought The Bone Orchard instead of renting it from the library because of the cover image… but the characters fell flat for me. This was a DNF. I’m unsure what to do with my copy since I usually finish all books I own. Should I have a separate shelf for DNF or donate or regift to another reader who may enjoy it more?

Here’s my notes while reading:

After the first chapter, I’m a little unsure if the main character is the Lady or Charm and if Charm and the other bone ghosts are “pieces” if the Lady or separate independent entities? 

There seems to be some sci fi element with dunking them in a rejuvenation tank but I’m still unclear of what these women actually look like and if they’re alive or not. 

Secondly, it sounds like a prostitution house, am I wrong about that? The prince finds himself high and mighty and breaks the rules so let’s hope there’s some revenge later. The character Justice seems strong so I’m wondering if she will get a point of view and if the whole story is third person narration? 

I also need to figure out what Firedrinkers are and how a mindlock works. 

So in chapter 2, the emperor is dying from poison and calls Charm to his bedside to give this mistress the task of finding his killer and choosing the next emperor. In his last few minutes alive, he frees her from the mildlock he had casted over her years ago.  

Alrighty chapter 3 switched to Pain’s point of view. Something about the writing in itself feels choppy and rigid but I haven’t been able to determine why yet. 

I got to chapter 4 and needed to set it aside. The writing felt pretty stiff. The dialogue felt unnaturally long as if some characters were giving speeches and there seemed to be too much telling and not enough showing in the prose. I wasn’t connecting and something about the structure felt “forced.”

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