Review #365

4.5/5 stars for this YA fantasy/paranormal murder mystery …. with a tad bit of (clean) romance as a side story all in one PoV of Cat. She’s a 17 year old who learns of her moon powers while tracking a killer in the city.

Catrin opens Blood and Moonlight in a refreshingly atypical setting. I’m already drawn in by her desire to keep the building structure in place, the confidence others have in her skill & an apparent desire to still live a youthful life and take advantage of the night. But where is she going and why is she sneaking out?

Oh man. Chapter 2 escalated quickly and in a fantastic way giving me a visceral reaction to the scene. The details of the woman’s murder in the alleyway was written with such specific prose that I felt like I was there. And Erin Beaty uses such darkly eloquent prose. I’ve been waiting a while to read this book and now I’m so glad I picked it over others. 

How can she hear voices? Whose are they? And what being is warning her to go home and why? 

Why are Simon’s eyes different? Is Magister Thomas guilty? How does their building connect to the murder? 

The questions keep building. What does the housekeeper know that Catrin doesn’t?

So Catrin’s parents may have actually belonged to the people of the moon. Why hasn’t she noticed this moon affiliated power before? Why did her parents abandon her originally? Who are they? 

Is Juliane losing her mind? Or is she having trouble keeping secrets? 

Halfway through Catrin is guessing her roots but I was already on that track since it seemed obvious. But why is someone following her? 

The whole vibe of the story changed and slowed when she started learning about her powers 

Chapter 55-58 they’re suspecting different secondary characters which is the fun part, someone close to them. 

The ending tied up in a bow for the murder mystery but we don’t know their future. Hopefully they live happily ever after in their new life in a new location.

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