DNF- Mother of the Moon

I gave the first book in this trilogy, “Daughter of the Deep” a 4.8/5 stars on Dec 18, 2021. See review here https://cassieswindon.com/2021/12/18/review-117/

Then I gave the sequel, “Sister of the Stars” a 4.3/5 stars on the next day so I must’ve read it fast. Read that review here https://cassieswindon.com/2021/12/18/review-117/ with these questions needed to be answered in the third book “Mother of the Moon”:

What is the Branwen’s curse? Does Kiera know who/what she is?

How does her status work? 

Why does Arawyn want her so badly? 

What’s the villain’s end game? What did Locasta have to do with the plan? 

Does Finna have a man unexpected comeback future?

Here’s my thoughts while starting Mother of the Moon:

Well, I didn’t get through all of chapter one in one sitting since it’s quite long and bombarded me with a lot of reminders from the past books which felt a bit overwhelming but it sounds like a Ronan is going to the Otherwold to save his wife, Keira, who sacrificed herself in the last book to save him.

If I were a better fan, I’d start the trilogy over, because right now I’m confused by so many name drops. Who are all these people? Madame Hedd? Arawn? Marina? Laureli? Griffin… Finna. Danura… Ellian? Cedric? Owen? Lachlan? Roland? Reina? Vian…? Cassryn? Willow? Genni? I’m so overwhelmed. I don’t remember any of these characters other than the two main ones- Ronan and Keira. It feels like so much is being talked about in the first chapter that I can’t focus and feel attacked by info. 

I liked chapter 2 better from Keira’s point of view while being trapped in the ice cage of the Otherworld. The vivid descriptions gave it more reality. 

But chapter 3 switches to Griffin’s point of view. I don’t remember if he had one before and his role so I’m back to feeling overwhelmed. 

I made it through chapter 3 (page 50) and liked Griffin’s voice best. But unfortunately, I need to back away for a bit. The pacing felt slow so basically I need to wait for when I have time to reread the series from the beginning so the flow works for me, especially since this is such a long book.

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