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Crown of Crimson is a sequel of River of Shadows (which I rated a 4.0/5 stars in October). My consensus after the first one was: “I can’t really label this as a romance in any way though it’s marketed as “dark fantasy adult romance.” Yes there were 3ish sex scenes, but there was no relationship building moments and no resolution so I can’t classify it as romance under my definition.” In my review I stated I probably wouldn’t read the sequel, yet here I am. 

I rated this steamy sequel a 4.2/5 stars.  Not certain that Death needed a point of view, and wanted the middle to be a little faster paced, but enjoyed their relationship building true feelings and their character arc progression. 

Here are my love thoughts as I was reading:

The prologue was from Death’s point of view and his personality immediately pissed me off. So he needs to redeem himself.  

Hanna is more likeable with the agency of running away and telepathically communicating to unicorns but I need more explanation of why she got these powers? Why is she specifically special?  

I love the high action and fast paced plot. Hanna’s voice is unique and stands out among other heroines. The author uses her as comedy in random places which is definitely a positive. 

When she and Rasmus learns more of their past I can’t say I’m surprised. Some of the family connections were a little confusing but after a little rereading I believe I’m back on track 

FYI, there’s multiple formatting errors which makes the book look less professional, but since I’m also an Indie author with errors in my books, I wont have that impact my rating. 

“He’s not just beautiful-He’s powerful. It radiates off of him, entangling you in its dominance until you’re caught in a web, too dazed and submissive to even plot your escape.”

Ugh. Chapter 9 just made me despise Death. Do other readers ever like him in any way? 

The shadow self concept is pretty damn cool. 

Right before the halfway point there’s the first spicy scene & damn was it hot hot. 

She’s starting to accept her new role & I’m curious about the prophecy answer. Which is she?

Don’t drop your sword 

Don’t drink from the water 

Don’t take off your mask 

There’s a lot she needs to remember in a lose lose situation 

Oooh I loved the turning point in the Crystal Caves but I wish he had the thoughts without feeling high so it was more real.   

I’m still processing the shadow self scene. It’s a cool concept big I’m wondering if splitting himself will have any purpose later other than a unique threesome. 

A lot of the second half so far has been about “prepping.” Hanna is coming into her own as a half-goddess but there’s not a lot of plot happening, just anticipation of some big event. 

I was happy with the ending. The author was pretty creative and gave me something new I hadn’t read before which is refreshing. I’m 50/50 about reading the Underworld Gods Book 3. Yes, I’m intrigued about how their saga will end, but at the same time, I’d be fine ending here.

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