The Beast- DNF

The Beast by Katee Robert starts as if I should already know Isabelle’s story. Maybe her sister was a protagonist in a different book in the Wicked Villains series? I’m missing out on bits of info since both Gaeton and Beast were her exes. So I’m unsure how far she has been with them both. Now that she traveled to the Underworld to find them, she’s in their territory now, where kink has different rules than she’s experienced.

I didn’t get very far because of the quote: “I knew I would have to compromise when I agreed to talk to these men. I didn’t realize I’d have to sacrifice everything.”

Everything in this instance is her body. I don’t want her to make this sacrifice and feel uncomfortable.

I’d like to find a dom/sub situation where she’s not feeling forced and backed into a corner. I’ve tried at least 5 Katee Robert books and honestly I just don’t think they’re meant for me. I may throw in the towel soon.

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